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Mini-Episode: How To Quit Porn Today

How much does porn effect you? It drains your energy and it drains you mentally. Connor shares some steps in becoming healthier in quitting porn for good.

Mini-Episode: How to Be a Better Boyfriend

After working with so many men, Connor has discovered a few recurring things that could help make you a better boyfriend or partner in your relationship.

Lowered Testosterone: How to Beat it

Editor’s Note: When your dad was young he probably had higher testosterone than you do (assuming you’re between 18 and 45). We’re the generation that sits on our asses, scrolling through social…

Why Do Men Cheat and Have Commitment Phobia?

If you’ve cheated or been cheated on by a man you’ve probably wondered, “why do men cheat?” We often believe cheaters are ‘assholes,’ but cheating (and commitment phobia) stem from ‘Nice Guy…

How Masculine Men Protect Women’s Feminine Energy

How Masculine Men Protect Women’s Feminine Energy Masculine energy is all about breaking free from constraints, overcoming, closing the deal, protecting, providing, leading…. all absolutely necessary components for a woman to experience…