Men’s Self-Leadership Training Program

Face your shadow to unlock your purpose, potential, and power.

Liberate your potential and dissolve what’s been holding you back in this direct, small-group program. 12 weeks of highly customized training for you and 8 other men.


12 Week Training Program To Break Free Of The Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

One of the rare opportunities that you’ll have to train with me in a small group of only 8 men. You’ll have weekly LIVE coaching with me as we dive deep into shadow work.

Men’s Self-Leadership Program
Break free of your limiting beliefs and become the man you know you’re capable of being.
The one thing,

I’ve seen in every man I’ve worked with over the years is the startling fact that their potential is limited by the parts of themselves they repress or disown. Said another way – what you repress, avoid, and disown, owns you. These pieces hold you back from having the relationship of your dreams, moving powerfully towards your goals and purpose, and showing up in the world as the man you want to be.


The shadow can show up in your life in many different ways
  • EIt’s the voice in your head that berates you after screwing something up at work
  • EIt’s the part of you that’s disgusted by the way your body looks

This is the work I lead men through – working with, and not against, their shadow. By facing these parts of ourselves that we work so hard at avoiding they can be integrated and on the other side of integration is purpose, potential and power.

I will be leading a small group of eight men through twelve weeks of deep work. It will be Direct 1-1 deep work with me in a group setting, while giving you the tools, support, and insight you need in order to end your bad habits, and curb your harsh inner dialogue.

Break free of your limiting beliefs and become the man you know you’re capable of being.
What is Shadow Work?

In Jungian psychology, the “shadow ” or “shadow aspect/archetype” may refer to the unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself, or the entirety of the unconscious, i.e., everything that you are not fully conscious of. In short, the shadow is the unknown side.
And this shadow side is the part of you causing chaos.
It is the part that hits snooze 7 times before getting up, the part that convinces you to lie, cheat, and feel worthless, and the insecure, embarrassing, and reactive parts you try to hide from the world.
The essence of shadow work is a journey of facing, understanding, and integrating the dark side of your ego so it isn’t constantly sabotaging you.
Shadow work involves many different aspects, one of which is revealing your potential. When you do shadow work, you uncover and work with the aspects of you causing sabotage, unhealthy habits, and negative frames of mind. The end result of this is work with the shadow, rather than the shadow working your life.
All of this equals more stability, clarity, and deep confidence.
Put another way – shadow work is deep work. It will take you into the depth of self-understanding and help you cultivate self-leadership.

This is for you if you want to:
  • NUnderstand and move through the limitations that have held you back for years.
  • NLearn how to lead powerfully from a place of confidence, clarity, and strength.
  • NUnlock the hidden potential buried deep in your shadow.
  • NLearn the practices and techniques to be more grounded, embodied, and present for your life and relationship.
This is NOT for you if:
  • MYou’re not ready to face the parts of yourself that you’ve hidden from the world for years.
  • MYou’re not committed to pushing through your barriers to live the life you know you’re capable of.
  • MYou’re not ready to have the hard conversations with a group of like-minded men

What men are saying


This group has been a paradigm shifting experience for me.

“It’s my first time delving into men’s work in a group setting like this, and I am not surprised, but amazed by how moving and insightful it has been to work with Connor and the other men in the group. The structure is stable enough to keep us on track yet fluid enough to allow whatever needs to come up for each man to come up. Connor has a gift for cutting to the core of what needs to be brought into the light and explored at any given moment, and it’s been a privilege to work with him and witness his work with each man in the group.”
– Christian T.

I would highly recommend this Men’s Self Leadership Program

“It was very life altering for me and has given me insight into my core wounds. With Connor’s help I was able to deal with the wounds that have been holding me back in many aspects of my life. The experiential process of this program was very powerful and the bonding with other men was extremely important to work through our own issues and vulnerabilities. I am so glad that I was able to participate in this course and am very very grateful for all the Connor did for all of the men in the group.”
– Mark P.
Program Outline

The one thing that makes this program so different than so many programs out there is that I built the program around you and your challenges.
Yes, there is a structure we do follow but it’s more of an outline than anything. This allows the group to be flexible and really give each man what he needs.

Whatever you’re going through in your life, bring it to our calls. This is where the work is done. We will face the places that your shadow is showing up in your life right now.

Meet And Understand Your Shadow

Month 1

Get to know the roadblocks in your way and how they got there. Learn how your shadow was built and what gives it power.

Reveal Your Hidden Potential

Month 2

Understand how to identify and unlock the potential stored deep in your unconscious mind.

Free Your Mind

Month 3

Build your unique roadmap to mental, emotional, and relational liberation. Integrate what you’ve learned into your daily life and forge lasting freedom.

What You’ll Get

Video Calls

There will be 12 calls on Wednesdays 4:00-5:300pm Eastern Time from February 9 – April 27.
We’ll have an hour and a half video call to dive deep into the content and the challenges in your life. That’s 18 hours of group work with me.
You must attend all the calls.

Accountability Partner
You’ll be paired up with another man in the program. You’ll be accountable to each other to make sure you’re each getting as much out of the training as possible.
Personalized Homework
You’ll receive weekly individualized homework on the calls to guide you through your journey.
The Shadow Course

You’ll get access to Connor Beaton’s premier course, The Shadow Course. You’ll be able to go through the course in tandem with the calls for extra learnings and insight. 

Join Men’s Self-Leadership Training Today
Program starts February 9th
3 monthly payments


ONLY $800
Frequently Asked Questions
When will the calls be?

There will be 12 calls on Wednesdays 4:00-5:30pm Eastern Time from February 9 – April 27.

Is there a set curriculum we're following?
There isn’t a set weekly curriculum for the group. I tailor the program to the members that are in the group. It is 100% individualized to what’s going on in your life and the challenges you’re facing.
What if I sign up and need to drop out?
If you cancel more than 2 weeks before the start of the group your payment is fully refundable minus a $100 fee.
If you cancel less than 2 weeks before the group start we will refund your full payment minus a $500 fee.
Once the program starts if you need to cancel for any reason you’ll be responsible for paying the full program cost.
I do this because the integrity of the group is paramount so if you’re committing to the process you need to be 100% in.