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Join Connor Beaton and special guest teachers for this 12-week LIVE training.
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Working with men and attracting more men can be a challenge. You might struggle with:

And let’s be honest - men want to SEE and FEEL results, fast

The therapeutic industry has taught therapists, coaches and facilitators to approach men and women’s issues in the same way – reveal the problem, validate the experience, and have compassion for what the client is going through with some recommendations that can support. While this is helpful, it is often only part of the equation for men.

What’s often missing is the skill of the coach, therapist or facilitator to help men get into their direct experience, learn to deal with the intensity of their internal charge and the ability to give clear, direct feedback with tactical directions that can help men gain competency in the areas where they are struggling.

In short, men want to learn how to better deal with and get through their problems instead of simply talking about them.

So, what are the keys to working with men in a coaching, therapeutic or group environment?

How do you attract more men and not only build a strong rapport with them, but actually help them to produce the results and change they are looking for?

Whether you are brand new and have never worked with men, or are already very skilled at what you do, this program is designed to give you the tools to work with men in a way that gets clear, effective and meaningful results.

This Is For You, Whether You’re:

Experienced Clinician

Level up your practice. 

Hone your skills in dealing with men’s unique challenges and refine your approach to deliver impactful and tangible results.

Facilitator Or Leader

Learn the art of leading men.

Get the insights, strategies, and best practices you need for leading and supporting men effectively.

New Coach or Clinician

Equip yourself with the tools to work with men effectively, right from the beginning.

Learn to work effectively with men and build a foundation for success in your coaching career.

This program is open to men and women!  As long as you’re wanting to work with men, this is the place for you

You’ll Learn How to

What Is the Program?

A 12-week live online training program led by Connor Beaton and special guest teachers.

You’ll gain both the skills to work more effectively with men as well as the training you need to attract and convert more male clients to your business or practice.

What You Get

Weekly Live Classrooms 90 minutes

18 hours of training

Join online group sessions with the facilitators to dive deeper into the materials.

2 Intensive Training Weekends

20 hours of training

Fast track your learning in these two intensive weekends.

Curriculum Workbook 

Over 80 pages of teaching

Stay on track with a breakdown of concepts we cover and review questions to help integrate those concepts into your work.

A Training Platform You Can Return To

Get access to all of the session replays and curriculum in one place that you can go back to whenever you need.

Community Forum

A place for you to discuss the content with your peers and ask questions.

Program Outline

Saturday-Sunday, May 18-19
12pm - 5pm ET

Weekend Intensive 1

  • Learn the basics of working with men, building unshakeable rapport.
  • Dive deep into the foundations of men and relationships.
  • Learn about healing men’s attachments and development with insights from developmental psychology.
  • Tackle the nuances of working with men and addictive behaviors Learn to guide men through Shadow Work, addressing fears and repressed emotions.
  • Lead a somatic process, getting a man out of his head, and into his body.
Saturday-Sunday, July 6-7
12pm - 5pm ET

Weekend Intensive 2

  • Revisit attachment and development strategies for lasting impact
  • Practice working with men through practice / breakouts and receive valuable feedback
  • Craft content that speaks directly to men (instead of about them) and converts
  • Build tailored programs designed for men’s unique needs
  • Learn to create meaningful offers that resonate with men

live classrooms

All calls at 8pm Eastern Time

Call 1

Introduction & The Basics Of Working With Men

Led by Connor Beaton
Thursday, may 16th
Call 2

Live Coaching Demonstration With A Client 

Led by Connor Beaton
Tuesday, May 21nd
Call 3

Working With Men: Practice Session And Q&A

Led by Duey Freeman

Thursday, May 30th

Call 4

Leading Men Through Nice Guy Syndrome

Led by Dr. Robert Glover
Tuesday, June 4th

Call 5

Embodiment For Men (Getting Men Into Their Bodies)

Led by John Wineland

Tuesday, June 11th

Call 6

How To Lead Men Through Trauma 

Led by Dr. Nicole LePera

Tuesday, June 18th

Call 6

Shadow Work & Practice Session 

Led by Connor Beaton

Thursday, June 27th

Call 8

Working With Men’s Wounds 

Led by Vienna Pharaon
Tuesday, July 2nd
Call 9

Marketing To Men 

Led by Ryan Michler

Tuesday, July 9th

Call 10

Speaking & Selling To Men 

Led by Connor Beaton
Tuesday, July 16th
Call 11

Practice Session And Q&A 

Led by Connor Beaton
Thursday, July 25th
Call 12

Closing Call And Q&A 

Led by Connor Beaton
Tuesday, July 30th


Connor’s exact client intake form
How to lead a men’s group call template 

meet Your teachers

Connor Beaton

Connor Beaton is the founder of ManTalks, an internationally recognized men’s movement focused on holistic well-being, personal success, and fulfillment. He authored “Men’s Work, A Practical Guide To Face Your Darkness, End Self Sabotage, And Find Your Freedom”.

He has helped thousands of men navigate life’s challenges,

Connor has shared platforms with influential speakers such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Lewis Howes, Chris Williamson, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Danielle LaPorte.

Dr. Robert Glover

Dr. Robert Glover is a therapist, speaker, and author of No More Mr, Nice Guy.

He’s an expert in the field of relationships with over 40 years of professional experience and has helped thousands of men world-wide transform their lives and get what they want in relationship, sex, and career.

Dr. Nicole LaPera

Dr. Nicole LaPera is the creator of @the.holistic.psychologist,  therapist, speaker and bestselling author of How To Do The Work.

Her work addresses the connection between the mind, body and soul incorporating overall lifestyle and psychological wellness practices.

Duey Freeman

Duey is a sought-after teacher, licensed therapist, and equine professional. He has taught worldwide and developed a practical attachment theory and human development theory taught to thousands of university students.

Duey is a true elder and mentor exploring new horizons in facilitating men’s growth work.

Ryan Michler 

Ryan Michler is founder of Order Of Man, veteran and father. 

He built Order Of Man into a men’s online community with over 1,200 men who are a part of the membership program.

Vienna Pharaon

Vienna Pharaon is the author of The Origins Of You, creator of @mindfulmft and is one of New York City’s most sought-after relationship therapists. 

She has practiced therapy for more than fifteen years and is the founder of the group practice Mindful Marriage and Family Therapy.

John Wineland

John Wineland is a speaker, teacher and author of From The Core.

He has been guiding men in the realms of life purpose, relational communication, sexual intimacy and embodiment for over 10 years.

Why This Program?

This isn’t your average program—it’s a 12-week immersion crafted by myself and other experts in the Men’s Work field. 

Developed by men, for men, this program delves into the unique challenges men face, offering a tailored approach to address them head-on. Many training programs fall short when it comes to understanding the distinctive needs of working with men. This isn’t one of them. 

It’s time for a paradigm shift – a program designed by those who exclusively work with men, offering tailored insights and strategies to navigate and impact the male experience.

This is For you

Transformations men Have Had after
working with Connor

...I was able to share the pain I was feeling, understand where it was coming from and fully grieve in a way that I never have before
The only thing I knew was that at 56 I was tired of myself. I could no longer continue down the road of self-destruction and disconnection. Through Connor I was able to share the pain I was feeling, understand where it was coming from and fully grieve in a way that I never have before. I never felt alone or judged.
Joe O.
Connor has a gift for cutting to the core of what needs to be brought into the light This group has been a paradigm shifting experience for me. It’s my first time delving into men’s work in a group setting like this and I am amazed by how moving and insightful it has been to work with Connor. The structure is stable enough to keep us on track yet fluid enough to allow whatever needs to come up for each man to come up. It’s been a privilege to work with him and witness his work with each man in the group.
Christian T.
In many ways, it felt like the initiation process into manhood that I never properly went through.  Connor guided me through a process to accept, rediscover and love myself. I use the term “guided” because I never felt forced to think, act or do something in a specific way. Rather, I was confronted with possibilities and Connor left space for my brain and heart to do the rest. It is not easy work and that’s exactly the point. I am writing this while I’m still on this journey and the tools and guidance that Connor provided me with are helping me grow myself as a man in ways I didn’t know were possible before we started.
Brandon G.
By the end of the retreat with Connor not only did I find my voice but I found confidence that was hiding. Heading into the men’s retreat I really had no idea what I would gain. I told myself that I would be an open book and absorb whatever came my way. In the back of my head my guard was up. I was afraid of what would come up, what I would face and who was going to see this side of me. I’ve been afraid of allowing my masculinity to be seen for so long. Either I’m too aggressive or too passive. I learned this doesn’t have to be the case. I learned I can be unapologetically me. A great man.
James K.


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While the program draws insights from Connor Beaton’s expertise, it encompasses a variety of teachings from different experts. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of effective strategies and tools used by various professionals, enhancing your toolkit for working with men.

 You don’t have to be a coach or clinician to attend, anyone interested in understanding and working effectively with men can benefit. If you have a genuine interest in the subject matter, you’re welcome to join.

 Absolutely! This program is designed for ANYONE who works with men.

The program caters to individuals with varying levels of experience. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting in the field, the teachings are structured to provide valuable insights and practical tools that can be applied at different skill levels.

I really recommend you attend all the calls, however if you aren’t able to make a call, the recordings will be made available to participants. You can catch up at your convenience.

Yes, recordings of live sessions and training weekends will be available to participants. You’ll have ongoing access to the materials, allowing you to revisit and reinforce your learning at your own pace.

Refunds are available for the first 30 days of the program.

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected], and we'll be happy to assist you.


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