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Men’s Work


I found an incredible like-minded community, made more money, got in great shape, AND launched my passion business in woodworking as a result of the authentic friendships and connections I built.

Luke Marek Oak and Ore Woodworking

I’m an advocate for brotherhood and that’s what I found in the Mastermind. Teaching survival as a pillar of my coaching practice, I know that going life alone is tough as hell. Having a reliable group of men to support me, and I them through our daily lives has been epic. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Brady Patterson Men's Coach/ Survival Expert

The Performance Mastermind supported and challenged me through two major life transitions: becoming a father and building a new business.

Kevin Banno Real Estate Entrepreneur

12 guys in group, with no bullshit or bravado, has a power to move you forward unlike anything else. In 6 months, my game in business, life and happiness was leveled up immeasurably.

Joel Marc Atmos Consulting

The ManTalks Podcast

Featuring guests like Dr. Robert Glover, Lewis Howes, Dan Millman, Navy Seals, Quantum Physicists, Sex Therapists, and more!


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