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Your Shadow Side Doesn’t Have To Be Your Bad Side.

Learn the basics of shadow work and start unlocking your hidden potential with this free guided journal.

This Guide Will Help You:
Reveal the origins of your shadow
You will identify your unique shadow origin story.
Understand Your Inner Critic
Journal promts will guide you to learn more about where your Inner Critic came from and when it shows up.
Integrate Hidden Wisdom
You'll learn the first step to intergrating your own shadow.
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What Will You Decide?

Will you break the rules or let rock bottom break you?
For years, I followed the unspoken rules of manhood. Rules like…

  • You need to hit rock bottom or your success wasn’t earned.
  • If you just tough it out it’ll be fine. Deal with it.
  • Do not talk about your struggles. Ever.

    We as men get pushed from childhood to blindly follow rules like these, even though they don’t actually serve us. What’s more, we aren’t taught where these rules come from and why. These rules impact our mental, physical, and spiritual health. They lead to addiction, depression, isolation, or worse.

    49% of men

    feel more depressed and anxious than they will admit to their friends and family.

    1in10 men

    men face major depression or anxiety. Less than half seek treatment.


    On average, globally, a man dies of suicide every minute.

    Stats like these mean the usual approaches aren’t fixing anything. The blame game, one-dimensional masculinity, and blindly doing the same old thing but angrier are all—no surprise—falling short.

    Fact is, there’s no magic bullet, pill, or proverb that’ll do the work for us.

    My name is
    Connor Beaton

    I watched my entire life collapse around me because I chose to follow rules like the ones above. When I climbed out from the rubble, it became my personal mission to help men call out these bullshit rules, take back control of their lives, and step into self-leadership.

    I spent thousands of hours learning and training. I consulted psychologists, historians, neurologists, and authors. I trained for years under mentors and leaders in Jungian psychology, somatic therapy, and holotropic breathwork. I even apprenticed under a disciple of Carl Jung himself.

    In 2014, I founded ManTalks as a grassroots movement to further the cause: giving men the tools and training to create a truly self-led life.

    “First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”

    – Epictetus

    From Grassroots Gatherings to a Global Men’s Movement

    F or thousands of years, we as a species had places where men could get the self-mastery they needed, the meaningful conversations they wanted, and then train to use all of it for their—and their community’s—benefit. Places like…
    The Japanese dōjō, a place for immersive learning, and practice.
    The Spartan Agoge, where men blended military training with social development.
    Plato’s Akademeia, where men worked to become Philosopher Kings, leaders who combined deep insight with peerless skill.

    The ancient Indian university, Nalanda, where students practiced meditation and breathing technique while studying medicine and even city planning.
    The key to each was they combined knowledge and practice. Training and understanding. But somewhere along the way this fell through the cracks.
    Connor created ManTalks as a grassroots movement to bring that back. What started as simple monthly gatherings led to global training.

    The Shadow Course.

    The Shadow Course is Connor Beaton’s online, on-demand training program to help you deepen your connections to yourself and others, understand your emotions, and break free from limitations that have been holding you back. Turn your greatest foe into your greatest ally.

    Coming Soon
    Men’s Self-Leadership Program

    Liberate your potential and dissolve what’s been holding you back in this direct, small-group program. 12 weeks of highly customized training for you and 8 other men.

    The Alliance

    Enter an international community of like-minded men dedicated to training the mind, body, and self.

    Get The Love You Want.

    Stop your relentless relationship cycle of frustration, dissatisfaction and rejection. Get the love you’ve always wanted. Created by the founder, Connor Beaton and his wife, Vienna Pharaon, New York’s top marriage and family therapist.

    ManTalks has helped men ...

    • Free themselves from “nice guy” patterns so they can step back into the driver’s seat in their relationships with partners, friends and family.
    • Break addictions to porn and other coping mechanisms, freeing their time, energy, and renewing their confidence.
    • Put their lives back together by ending lifelong cycles of self-sabotage and insecurity.

    We will give you the support you need to face your unique inner obstacles and use them to propel you forward rather than hold you back.
    But none of it is easy, and it’s not meant to be, so be ready to show up to the mat 100%. A key element of the Mantalks philosophy is that we focus on causes, not symptoms. 



    The result? Hard work.
    And lasting, effective change.
    Anatomy of the Self-Led Man
    conscious and deliberate
    trusts his process: knows that he has all the tools he needs to make the best decisions for himself
    emotionally centered: able to express and navigate a range of emotions from anger to pain to joy
    awakened to new possibilities
    grounded: he is unshakeable and knows what direction he’s moving in
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    What Men Are Saying About ManTalks

    “Men in a group, with no bullshit or bravado, has a power to move you forward unlike anything else. In 6 months my game in business, life and happiness was leveled up immensely.”
    – Joel M.

    “Connor guided me through a process to accept, rediscover and love myself. In many ways, it felt like the initiation process into manhood that I never properly went through. I use the term ‘guided’ because I never felt forced to think, act or do something in a specific way. Rather, I was confronted with possibilities and Connor left space for my brain and heart to do the rest. It is not easy work and that’s exactly the point. I am writing this while I’m still on this journey and the tools and guidance that Connor provided me with are helping me grow myself as a man in ways I didn’t know were possible before we started.”
    – Brandon G.

    “Connor has a gift for asking questions that get to your core, and help you to recognize and uncover what it is that you really need. He pushes you and holds you accountable to make the positive changes, and decisions that need to be made to benefit your life. Through Connor’s mentorship and guidance, I have much more direction, changed careers (for the better), I found clarity in what I want in a relationship and I feel greater balance in all aspects of my life”
    – Luke M.
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