Talking points: anxiety, parents, relationships, attachment

Thanks to everyone who’s written in on these guides, I love hearing from you. Next up? Anxious attachment. What is it, where does it come from, and what you can do to work yourself—and your relationships—away from it. If you’ve ever found yourself doing stuff like getting anxious because they didn’t text you back or because you need their phone password, this might be the ep for you.

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(00:00:00) – Intro
(00:03:14)- The core essence of anxious attachment
(00:07:53) – Some differences between secure, avoidant, and anxious attachment
(00:09:57) – Causes of anxious attachment; number one, inconsistent parental responses
(00:15:08) – Ask yourself: how was my upbringing unpredictable, or where were my parents unpredictable?
(00:17:19) – Cause number two: overly intrusive caretakers
(00:23:38) – Cause number three: emotional dependence encouraged by caregivers
(00:27:03) – Next is parental unavailability or rejection
(00:29:45) – Lastly, abuse, trauma, or PTSD
(00:30:45) – So what do we do? 
(00:34:25) – The biggest, most important piece: learn how to self-regulate. Here’s how
(00:41:18) – Solution number two: exposure therapy
(00:43:43) – Solution number three: work on your self-esteem and self-worth
(00:45:34) – Detach your worth from others’ validation

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