Honored as always to speak with an old friend of mine, Ben Goresky. As a fellow coach of men, we wanted to take an episode to give each other some thoughts on what we’re seeing out there in the world of men’s work: how do we better ourselves in the current global situation? How do we find personal fulfillment?

We also dig into relationships and discuss different ways to engage in challenging conversations with a partner. Ben’s got great great insight, so listen in!

Ben Goresky is a counselor, coach, and podcaster. He coaches men in the areas of addiction, recovery, and relationships. He is a trained addictions counselor with a Health Sciences degree. Ben runs a men’s group for The Samurai Brotherhood, an organization that connects men to their masculine core and leads the way for the evolution of conscious men.

Ben also hosts The Evolving Man podcast and runs relationship workshops for couples with his fiancé Sheleana Aiyana. He focuses on shadow work, men’s work, transpersonal psychology, and conscious relationship work to drive success in his clients.

Connect with Ben

-Website: https://evolvingman.com/

-The Samurai Brotherhood: https://samuraibrotherhood.com/

-Course: The Integrated Man: https://evolvingman.com/the-integrated-man/

-The Conscious Relationship Council: https://evolvingman.com/conscious-relationship-council/

-Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evolvingman/

-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evolvingmancoaching

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