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Welcome to The Alliance

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Welcome to The Alliance

Have you ever wondered what's truly possible?

Of course you have. You're a human, and if you're reading this, there's a good chance you're a male human.  

I've learned much working with hundreds (and speaking with thousands) of men.  

But one thing stands out...

Men want and NEED to perform at their peak. 

But today's man and the man of the past have different ideas of performance. Old school man was a provider, full stop. Nothing wrong with that, but today's man considers providing only one part of his role. 

Men of the past forgave themselves their nightly half-dozen glasses of whiskey. His kids were well-groomed, talking dolls. His wife a trophy. His home a castle.  

Self-awareness? "What's that?" Impact? How about the, "the back of my hand if you cross me..." High performing? "I'm paying the bills, am I not?" 

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying all or even most old-school guys were alcoholic and abusive. But you have to admit, they mostly didn't stray from their primary role.  

But you're not an old-school man. You're living here and now. We'll never go back, and most of us don't want to go back. In short....  

Modern men want more...

Beyond just providing for our families we also want self-awareness. We want to perform to the best of our ability. Providing is still honorable and is what we focus most of our time on. I would never belittle the vital importance of providing.

But show me a man whose sole function is to provide and I'll show you a frustrated man. Show me a man who spends all his time calculating possibilities and I'll show you a man cut off from his potential.  

More than anything today's man wants to leverage his self-awareness and high-performance.

But towards what end?

"Teaching survival as a pillar of my coaching practice, I know that going life alone is tough as hell. Having a reliable group of men to support me, and I them through our daily lives, has been epic. I wouldn't have it any other way."  

~ Brady Patterson, Men's Coach and Survival Expert


Modern men want to leave an impact beyond the lukewarm, "Here lies a good man."  

You know what they mean when they say he was a 'good man' don't you?  

They mean a man who lost his ability to dream and live a big, bold vision. They mean a man who took commands like, "Get your head out of the clouds," "Toughen up," and "Real men don't feel emotions," literally.  

But in our initiation free society, with failing male role models, the boy hears only noise. He confuses healthy, strong masculinity with machismo.  

So he changes his behavior. He starts doing what others tell him he should do rather than what he knows, deep down, that he must do.  

He backs off his principles. He lets go of his dreams. Unbeknownst to him, he develops a code that does not serve him well. Subconsciously, he decides that he'll:  

Be tough.  

Never ask for help.  

Make money.  

Stop feeling any emotion (unless it's anger).  

But in this adopting this ethos he makes a tradeoff. One he won't understand the costs of until many years later. After he's far down the well-worn path of most modern men.  

After he's blunted his true talents. After he's made so many 'practical' choices. After he's lost much of his life energy. After his wild and willful masculinity has eroded.  

After he's forgotten who he REALLY is.  

In the name of 'success' our men have given up on the true success of fulfillment and self-awareness.  

We have a society of men with the wrong definition of success.  

Our ideas and ideals devastate us because of how wrong they are. Let me ask you this: do you believe some version of any of these statements?  

"Real men figure it out."  

"Real men aren't a burden on anyone."  

"Real men are successful."  

"Real men sacrifice it all for their family."  

"Real men bring home the bacon."  

You know what? Men are often all these things, but tragically it's often at the expense of their own state of mind.  

It's at the expense of health, relationships, and most of all at the expense of their own fulfillment.  

Why? Because many men are stuck in their heads. Many of us can't break free from our own limitations and Bullshit. We're calculating a solution rather than living our truth.  

We're looking for purpose in an outcome rather than deep down in our being.  

And we've forgotten this sacred truth:  

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."  

Men have lost the ability to combine our heads and our hearts. We kill what our instincts know to be true.  

We kill it one small choice at a time. We kill it with addictions both petty and grand. We kill it by living someone else's life.  

Meanwhile, our head continues to work. It runs simulations. It calculates. It churns probabilities. Until many of us can't even sleep at night.  

But hey...  

At least you're a 'good man,' right?  

But here's the crazy thing...  

It doesn't have to be this way. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that when you put awakened (and awakening) men together you get magical results. When you let men speak their truth and challenge each other without judgement but with firm conviction, you get altering results.  

Does a group of high-performing men stop caring about performance? Hell no. Men will always in large part define ourselves by what we get done. Do we stop providing? Hell no. If anything we start taking even more pride in that role.  

But in this unique space we also see so much more. We see deep strength and a new level of brotherhood that most men never achieve in their adult lives.  

This is the space we've created with The Alliance.

"After joining the ManTalks Mastermind, I got clear on my vision and goals. Then I launched and grew a successful podcast. The support and challenge of my mastermind was integral." 

~ Ryan Thomas, The Intimate Lifestyle

Who is The Alliance For?  

Every man I've met wants success. They want to get shit done. They want to own their thoughts, their emotions, and their actions.  

They want fulfillment and passion in their lives. They want to be more self-aware so that they can make a real difference, an impact. They want to connect with other likeminded men, to both give and get support.  

They want to stand before their fellow man with pride. They want to accept what they hear. Then take action where they must.  

The Alliance is for those men.  

The ones who're done with trying to go it alone.  

It's for the men ready for true accountability with a group of like-minded men.  

What You'll Get From The Alliance  

Here's what I've seen time and again in the work I've done with men across North America:  

We focus on purpose. So men stop chasing other people's goals and start achieving what they were born to do.  

We focus on fulfillment. So men begin doing what matters most to them.  

We focus on relationships. So men take care of those closest to them.  

We focus on accountability. So men stop bullshitting themselves and take action on their highest ideals.  

We focus on mindset. So men get real results instead of just more work.  

We focus on connection. So men rediscover what brotherhood is all about.  

It Might Be Time to Apply to The Alliance if You're Ready to:  

  • Have real conversations about success.
  • Win with money.  
  • Up your mental game.  
  • Take more focused action than you ever thought possible.  
  • Have a fierce and focused mindset.  
  • Get clear on your purpose.  
  • Join a group other powerful men who will hold you accountable.  
  • Become the type of leader, husband, father you can be.  
  • Break free of your limiting patterns.  
  • Smash through your analysis paralysis.  
  • Silence your inner critic that's been telling you to play it safe.  
  • Develop true discipline.  
  • Get meaningful results instead of a To-Do List  
  • Lead an amazing love life.

"I found an incredible like-minded community, made more money, got in great shape, AND launched my passion business in woodworking as a result of the authentic friendships and connections I built."  

~ Luke Marek, Oak and Ore Woodworking

"What exactly do I get if I join The Alliance?"

I thought you'd never ask. Here's what it entails:  

  • 16 Weeks of focused work to master your purpose, relationships, mindset, and goals  
  • Monthly Masterclass led by me where we'll dive into the biggest topics on every man's mind  
  • Two live monthly calls led by experienced, world-class men's coaches with live Q&A and coaching sessions
  • Your own personal accountability partner  
  • And don't worry, when it's over I'll give you a powerful (yet simple) way to continue working
  • Monthly challenges designed to get you out of your head and into your life, so you start getting the results you want

"Why 16 weeks? Why can't I come and go as I please?"  

How's that working out for you? 

Let's face it, that’s what you’re used to. Too many men are dropping into and out of commitments whenever they 'feel' like it.  

Don't want to go for that coffee that you agreed to? No problem, send a text 5 minutes beforehand. Doesn't look like the woman you're dating is going to be 'the one?'  

Block her on social media and ignore her texts before dinner. You'll be swiping right by the time dessert arrives.  

Have you considered if this low commitment lifestyle is doing a anything for you?  

Isn't it time to BUY IN with everything you have? Isn't it time to stop fucking around and act with your whole heart? Isn't it time to see what you're capable of?  

You'll thank me later for the 16-week commitment. It's the best filter imaginable, and you won't waste your time working with uncommitted men.  

Because The Alliance is where you stand before a group of men committed to their best life.  

Men like you.  

Men who will push themselves beyond their edge. And no I'm not talking about working yourself to exhaustion.  

That kind of 'pushing yourself' is unproductive. It's an old, counterproductive paradigm that we'll smash in The Alliance.  

I'm talking about breaking through the mental and emotional barriers holding you back.  

I'm talking about leveraging the power of a like-minded community.  

I'm talking living the BEST life you can imagine, not some pale imitation.  

It’s time to leverage the power of commitment, accountability, and a gang of kick-ass men. If you want to get shit done and get in the game of your life, this is the team you want to play with.

Why Me?

My name is Connor Beaton, founder of ManTalks, and coach to some of the highest performing men in the world.  

Ever since launching ManTalks 3 years ago, I've worked with men across North America. I've challenged them to find purpose and design their life around it.  

I've supported men going through divorces, starting new relationships, and navigating dating traps.  

I've built a large community of Men Who Give a Fuck™ all across North America. 

I've spoken on countless stages. I've led and facilitated groups of men to empower themselves and change.  

I've helped men uncover blind spots, like when they're stuck in their head. Like how their intimate relationship is failing. Like how they're showing up in business.  

And I've found that every man in every stage of life is (in a sense) the same. Sure, our external circumstances look different. But at the core, we're the same. We have the same problems. We need the same support.  

And we're dying to BE REAL.  

I’ve helped men starting out. I've helped men in transition. I've helped men who've been 'crushing it' for years and who want to expand beyond their edge.  

In other words: I've done a lot of work with men across North America.  

But I've never been as excited about anything as I am about The Alliance.  


Because men have been asking me for it. Because it's open to men across the world. Because well, I'm an excitable guy and this is my life's work. The Alliance is the highest and best use of my energy.  

I'm not going to lie, this is as much for me as it is for you. I get to do what I love the most, what I'm best at, while seeing YOU connect with the best men in the world and grow beyond what you thought was possible.  

So what do you say? Are you ready for true success?  

Click on any one of the APPLY buttons found on this page to get started.  

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you live, inside The Alliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the deadline to Join The Alliance?

The Alliance launches on March 7th, 2018. But we're limited in how many spots are available. Please act now so you don't miss out.

2. What's the deal with is 'accountability partner' thing?

As a member of The Alliance you will be assigned an accountability parter with whom you will have weekly check-in calls. The purpose of this partership is to support and challenge each other to live up to your commitments and become the best versions of yourself possible.

3. Will there be time set aside for Connor to answer my questions?

Yes. As part of the monthly masterclass calls, Connor will take time to answer questions and work directly with members. This benefits all members whether you've asked a specific question or not, as others will often ask questions you have but haven't thought to ask yet.

4. Are there any live meetings?

No, Connor already leads a live group called the Performance Mastermind that includes 4 live meetings per year and 12 group calls. The impetus for launching The Alliance was a combination of two facts: 1) Men in the Performance Mastermind were getting incredible results, and 2) The group is held near Vancouver in remote locations, and most men can't make it there four times per year.

If you're interested in working with Connor in person, please click on the Performance Mastermind link above.

5. Tell me more about The Alliance. What can I expect?

You can expect to be surrounded by a group of incredible men who will both challenge and support you. You can expect to see the world through a different lens. You can expect a dramatic improvement in your mindset. You can expect to uncover your purpose. You can expect to set and acheive goals that are truly your own, based on your purpose. You can expect to improve your relationships. You can expect to start earning more money as you live more deeply into your purpose. Most of all, you can expect to leave a deeper impact.