Training For The Man Within.

ManTalks gives you the resources, psychological ass-kicking, and community of like-minded men to face and work through your inner and relational obstacles.


We know that you can’t get in shape without going to the gym and putting in the work, so why do we have this notion that our minds, hearts, and souls should be in perfect shape without any training? ManTalks is this space for men.

– Connor Beaton

Meet Connor Beaton,

the founder of ManTalks. He was raised to believe that being a man meant you had to follow certain rules. The most notable one is like the first rule of Fight Club: don’t talk about it. For most of his life, he believed all men had the same rule. Shut up and deal with it. Man up.

So that’s what he did.

Outside, he was successful, funny, and charismatic with a great relationship and rapidly rising career. Inside, he was full of all the pieces he didn’t want to talk about or admit to anyone. Every moment of shame, confusion, and anger urged him to lie and manipulate his way into feeling better.

The lies kept growing

and eventually, he lost someone very important to him and he couldn’t lie his way out of it this time. To avoid crushing shame, he shut everyone out and ran. One night, while living in the back of his car, his reality hit him like a ton of bricks. Finally, he had hit rock bottom. He tried everything except confronting all the shame, sadness, and anger he felt. And the whole time, he had told nobody.

It was then that Connor realized he only had two options: to continue to hide and silently suffer, or shine light into the deepest corners of himself and start talking about it.
Over the next few years,

he learned to take his trauma, shame, and denial—all the shadowy parts of himself—and integrate them. He spent thousands of hours learning and training. He consulted psychologists, historians, neurologists, and authors. Connor trained for years under mentors and leaders in Jungian psychology, somatic therapy, and holotropic breathwork. He even apprenticed under a disciple of Carl Jung himself.

In 2014, Connor founded ManTalks as a grassroots movement to further the cause:
giving men the tools and training
to create a truly self-led life.
In 2014, Connor founded ManTalks as a grassroots movement to further the cause: giving men the tools and training to create a truly self-led life.

From Grassroots Gatherings to a

Global Men’s Movement

For thousands of years, we as a species had places where we as men could get the self-mastery we needed, the meaningful conversations we wanted, and then train to use all of it for our—and the community’s—benefit. Places like:

The Japanese dōjo,

A place for immersive learning, and practice.

Plato's Academeia,

Where men worked to become Philosopher Kings, leaders who combined deep insight with peerless skill.

The Spartan Agoge,

Where men blended military training with social development.

The Ancient Indian University Nalanda,

Where students practiced everything from meditation and breathing technique to medicine, logic, and city planning.
The key to each was they combined knowledge and practice. Training and understanding. But somewhere along the way this fell through the cracks.
Connor created ManTalks as a grassroots movement to bring that back. What started as simple monthly gatherings led to global training.

ManTalks has helped men ...

  • Free themselves from “nice guy” patterns so they can step back into the driver’s seat in their relationships with partners, friends and family.
  • Break addictions to porn and other coping mechanisms, freeing their time, energy, and renewing their confidence.
  • Put their lives back together by ending lifelong cycles of self-sabotage and insecurity.

We will give you the support you need to face your unique inner obstacles and use them to propel you forward rather than hold you back.
But none of it is easy, and it’s not meant to be, so be ready to show up to the mat 100%. A key element of the Mantalks philosophy is that we focus on causes, not symptoms.


The result? Hard work.
And lasting, effective change.
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