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The Shadow Course

Connor Beaton’s online, on-demand training program to help you deepen your connections to yourself and others, understand your emotions, and break free from limitations that have been holding you back. Turn your greatest foe into your greatest ally.


The Alliance

Enter an international community of likeminded men dedicated to training the mind, body, and self.


Men’s Self-Leadership Program.

Liberate your potential and dissolve what’s been holding you back in this direct, small-group program. 12 weeks of highly customized training for you and 8 other men.


Get the Love you want

Stop your relentless relationship cycle of frustration, dissatisfaction and rejection. Get the love you’ve always wanted. Created by the founder, Connor Beaton and his wife, Vienna Pharaon, New York’s top marriage and family therapist.

Meet the ManTalks Coaches & Therapists

Forget the rose-tinted fluff that shames you for feeling like shit, or the self-help books that only pacify your discomfort. This isn’t therapy, it’s the training you never got in the areas of your life that matter most, areas like purpose, fulfilment, relationships, sex, and intimacy. Stop waiting for permission. This is your call to show up, go deep, and do the work.

The ManTalks coaches will meet you where you’re at without judgment, and be your guide on the journey. It’s our mission to help you face the parts of yourself that are sabotaging you from living the life you know you’re capable of.

Casey Desharnais
I collaborate with and empower men to regain wholeness and live deeper into their life’s mission.

I found my call to this work during a period of my life that was profoundly broken. Rather than ignore what was going on I chose to face it head-on. I was living a lie, an image I kept up built on self-abandonment. At the time I couldn’t imagine there was a place for the authentic me, my relationships were a mess, I suppressed my feelings and I had no clear vision/goal. I had to get deeply honest to change and as I uncovered the layers I found the man I was meant to be. Today I can say I’m living an aligned life.

I believe you are innately called to growth, and with proper support, you are capable of addressing what’s been holding you back.

By standing and facing these places within yourself you may discover that your wholeness is found inside the weight of the wound. The journey may not be easy, but the rewards are high.
My training includes:
Somatic Coaching/Embodiment- Strozzi institute/Coaches Rising
Recreation Therapist, CTRS
Mankind Project Facilitation- GUTS/ Masculine Archetypes
Outdoor Leadership/Guide- ACA instructor
Each individual brings their own unique material to this work, my methodology is rooted in attunement, skilled reflection, radical acceptance, and opening questions. A cut through the bullshit rooted approach which employs Somatic Awareness, embodiment, Shadow Work, and authentic reflection.

The work I focus on is: Kind Man vs Nice Guy, Alignment with core values, Masculine Heart, Areas of Validation, Taking vs Giving, embodying authenticity, intentional parenting, relationship as a practice, purpose presence, breath, meditation

The work Casey does is incredibly important. While I’ve worked with many different coaches to gain clarity of my inner workings, our sessions have proven to be some of the most effective in helping me anchor into masculinity and make sense of what has driven me off my path in the past. Casey’s methods are incredibly non-confrontational and instead have made me feel safe in looking at parts of myself that were previously out of view or undesirable to unearth. I am forever grateful for the impact he’s had on my life.


Casey understands where your true and complete self lives and finds creative paths for you to rediscover on your own. He has a gentle approach but understands when you need to hear the discomfort. He guides you to find your inner child, masculinity, and true self. Inherently, Casey is intentional, raw and powerful. He’s your partner through it all – a friend, a confidant and a mentor.


Casey is a man rooted in reflection. He brings years of experience in men’s work, is a wellspring of knowledge and has the capacity to ask the deep questions required to bring forward what has been hidden from you and your life. He has a depth of wisdom from multiple traditions, and is a grounding force who will act as a lighthouse so you can find clarity amidst the chaos.

Connor Beaton
Trevor Bird

We each have our own unique stories, raised by the stories of others. As we grow up, we end up adopting the idea that our authentic self is not good enough. So we strive, we perform, we push, make more money, get the best looking women, run the marathon. Why? Do these achievements fulfill us? Or are we overworking parts of ourselves as a means to protect, control, because our true desires were perhaps denied, or told to “toughen up”, learn a lesson, or admired for your achievements which you strive for to get the affection of loved ones. Whatever it may be, this has gotten you to where you are today. And if you are like me, I was grateful, frustrated, and completely lost until I got clear how I got there, and began to re-write my stories.

If you are a father, and an entrepreneur or professional, are you ready to claim your authenticity, show up in all your roles with deep integrity and pride? Are you ready to face your anger and levels of protection that serves you no longer? Are you prepared to meet all the parts of yourself that overworked and give some space to desires, creativity, and joy?

In a supportive space, you will explore your unconscious. Diving deeper into claiming your identity, and expanding all the areas of your life, and retiring behavior that no longer makes sense.

My training includes:

Somatic experiencing


Voice dialogue

Shadow work


Working with Trevor has been an amazing journey of self-discovery and self-healing. He’s patient and compassionate, and the methods that he uses in his coaching create an environment that I feel comfortable sharing my stories and true feelings while learning to observe my thoughts and emotions from a third person’s perspective. His coaching has helped me to develop better self-awareness and apply such awareness to my journey of finding personal values, purpose, and happiness in life.


Trevor is one of those people who lives, breathes, and walks the work. He has an intense passion for growth, healing, and understanding the human experience and has lived through much pain that is now wisdom embedded into his coaching. He is direct, fierce, and will always stand for you, your growth, and your healing.

Connor Beaton