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22 Jan Taylor Hunt – the journey from addiction to health

[smart_track_player url="" social_linkedin="true" social_email="true" ] In this episode Roger talks with Taylor Hunt about his book A Way from Darkness - an Ashtanga Yoga teacher's journey from addiction to health - physical, emotional, and spiritual. Taylor shares how he went from his lowest point to helping recovering addicts find a new...

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20 Aug Man Of The Week – Jonni Pollard

This week's Man Of The Week is a Man who has spent years investing his time in really understanding his connection to himself, nature and the people around him. From a young age, Jonni Pollard learned that he had two options: to be bold and stay true to himself as...

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26 Jun Man Of The Week – Chris Brandt

Here at Man Of The Week, we strive to find the most awesome and inspiring men around who better the lives of the communities around North America. This week's spotlight is no different! Chris Brandt believes it is every single person's responsibility to positively impact the world around, and uses his...

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