Talking points: collaboration, friendship, masculinity

Men, few things are more powerful, fulfilling, and expansive than this, so guard it with your life. It took me way too long to learn and understand, and many people diminish or degrade its importance. Listen in.

(00:00:00) – Intro

(00:01:53) – Men are isolated and less collaborative than ever before, and we miss out on important things

(00:05:06) – Without male collaboration, our society would cease to exist

(00:06:40) – What I’ve learned over the last decade about male friendships—and male isolation

(00:10:02) – Maybe you yourself are one of those men who could use more friendships

(00:11:34) – We’ve got to protect this

(00:13:16) – Things you can do to foster male collaboration

(00:44:28) – The evolutionary case for vulnerability

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