Talking points: masculinity, discipline, purpose

How’s that for a spicy title?

This is a look at some common behaviors and patterns I’ve seen in men overall, clients I’ve worked with, and my own life. Patterns that erode our capacity to truly live, lead, and love.

01:31 – We lack impulse control

04:06 – We chase p***y over purpose

08:42 – We don’t clarify our values, and we don’t say no to ourselves

09:35 – We pick the wrong partner

12:26 – We settle for an “okay” career or business

17:10 – We lack like-minded men that our willing to challenge us

21:21 – We haven’t prioritized seeing what our body is capable of

24:23 – We choose domestication over discipline

26:15 – We don’t take money seriously

30:11 – We disconnect from a sense of wonder

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