Sylvester McNutt III was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1985. Sylvester fell in love with reading books at a young age, for he would read himself to sleep as far back as he can remember.

After going through an adverse childhood, Sylvester was faced with expulsion in his sophomore year of high school. He then turned to write full-time in his notebooks and sports as his coping mechanisms to heal and process the world around him. Writing put him on the path of self-development, healing, and purpose.

Later in life, Sylvester made his first professional sale (“The Accelerated”) on Amazon, independently. He was never a fan of social media but one day he uploaded an image of his writing and book, and when he picked his phone back up, it wouldn’t stop pinging. Friends and family were sending messages asking Sylvester, “Hey what book is that from, I want to buy it?” Upon realizing that there was a demand for his writing, he cultivated a plan to write every Saturday and Sunday night, no matter what. He spent weekends avoiding parties and going out, to work solely on perfecting his craft.

Finally, in February of 2015 Sylvester released a poetry book, TDQJ, and this book gave him the means to focus all of his energy into being an author. He sold 400 copies of that book in one weekend, and that is when he decided to lean all the way into being an independent author.

To date, Sylvester’s most notable and bestselling works are Care Package, Lust For Life and Free Your Energy.  In 2019 he released his eighth book, Free Your Energy and started the Free Your Energy podcast. Professionally he plans to author three books between 2020-2021, launch his Life-Coaching portal and create new courses for readers to transform their mindsets. As far as the books go, his ninth book, Loving Yourself Properly is almost ready for publication.

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