Talking points: anxiety, bipolar disorder, culture, tribalism, climate, society

There aren’t many out there with as wide-ranging knowledge and experience as Sarah Wilson, so I was thrilled to sit with her and dig into some of the heavier stuff. From practical tips for managing anxiety to collapsing neoliberal systems to the Dutch practice of “dropping”, this interview has a bit of everything.

Strongly encourage you to check this one and share, especially if you’re interested in mental health or where our culture’s headed.

(00:00:00) – Intro and Sarah’s defining moment
(00:03:54) – What are “diseases of despair”?
(00:07:29) – What’s causing the rise of these kinds of deaths?
(00:11:32) – The loss of “discerning moral discussions” in the education system
(00:16:56) – Sarah’s take on collapse theory and its impact on mental health
(00:26:36) – How do we deal with the fracturing of dialogue and society?
(00:34:54) – It’s not an anxiety epidemic, it’s a lack of resilience epidemic
(00:44:44) – What are some practical ways to work with anxiety?
(00:54:08) – Resources for people with a bipolar partner, friend, or family member.

Sarah Wilson is a multi-New York Times and Amazon best-selling author, podcaster, social philosopher, international keynote speaker, philanthropist, and climate change advisor. She’s known globally for the I Quit Sugar Movement, as well as her New York Times bestseller First, We Make the Beast Beautiful—described by Mark Manson as “the best book on living with anxiety that I’ve ever read”. Sarah’s most recent title, This One Wild & Precious Life, won the 2021 US Gold Nautilus Prize.

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