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The last time Ron was on the show, he shared an incredible story of overcoming adversity, and crafting a life of resiliency. I wanted him back on the show to discuss some foundational aspects of getting fit and eating right, something Ron has spent most of his life working on. Bear with us; we had some audio troubles but you should hear everything loud and clear.

This is a great episode to listen to if you’re starting out on your fitness journey or are looking for refreshingly simple advice on proper form, proper nutrition, and other tips. Lots of info here.

(00:00:00) – Intro 
(00:05:19) – When you want to be more serious about exercise, where should you actually start? 
(00:09:34) – Are deadlifts worth it, and are they something the average person needs?
(00:11:07) – What some the foundational pieces of squat form?
(00:20:34) – What are some other core workouts and foundation pieces for chest, biceps, etc.?
(00:31:08) – What can do you (if anything!) for small calves?
(00:41:29) – What are some of the other key pieces people should incorporate    into their fitness life?
(00:47:36) – On HGH and sprinting, and Ron’s final thoughts on pairing the right energy system with right kind of work

Ron Williams is one of the most decorated natural bodybuilders in the world, having achieved the highest honor ever awarded in Natural Bodybuilding by becoming the sole recipient of the “Natural Bodybuilder of the Decade” award. As a 21-time world champion, he’s leveraged 40 years of experience to develop transformational processes of winning that help to build Champion Men. 

Ron has devoted his life to educating, inspiring, coaching, and encouraging people. He’s a nationally recognized motivational and inspirational speaker, with a unique connection to his audience stemming from his own personal journey of physical and spiritual transformation. 

The principles Ron teaches and uses in his own life are easy to embrace, simple to understand, and effective. Ron’s desire is to equip men with the necessary tools to live, as he calls it, a Champion Life.

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