Quddus (now known as Q) is a TV host and breakthrough coach, originally from Canada. His big break came in 2001 as a host on the hit show TRL on MTV. It led Q to a nomination for “Favorite TV Personality” at the Teen Choice Awards and the cover of TV Guide.

After leaving MTV in 2006, Q hosted shows like Access Hollywood (NBC), Duets (ABC) and The Insider (CBS) which inspired Chris Rock to say, “If Oprah and Ryan Seacrest had a love child, the kid would end up being like Quddus.”

In 2017, his passion for impact motivated Q to create the groundbreaking media training, Camera Ready, and best-selling author Neil Strauss to describe it as “practice and insight that brings out your best self.“

2020 marks the launch of a new venture, The Connected, and what Q describes as “the mission to deepen our offline connection with each other.”

Connect with Quddus:
Instagram @quddus

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