Talking points: fatherhood, abandonment, depression, coping

Every so often, I’ll have an anonymous guest on the show to give listeners a glimpse into what the men’s work at ManTalks is actually like. This week I wanted to feature a client who struggles with something I’m deeply familiar with: knowing what the work is AND doing that work, but nothing’s really felt “resolved”.

Together, we uncover some of what’s been keeping his progress in what feels like stasis. Listen in.

(00:00:00) – Intro and what my guest wants to work on
(00:04:26) – What’s disruptive for you about being rejected?
(00:08:35) – The complexities of divorce
(00:13:52) – “I don’t really get angry”
(00:19:07) – Movement, at times, requires anger
(00:26:21) – Talking to your 8-year-old self
(00:30:35) – What 8-year-old-you might say back
(00:33:24) – The Homework

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