Talking points: success, achievement, addiction, cycling, athleticism, personal development

Kevin Miller is a powerhouse. More than that, he’s deeply humble and intentional in what he does after a lifetime of hard work and the pursuit of excellence. I sat down with him last week to dig deeper: what makes drive “drive”? What’s the meaning of really going beyond your limits? What really, truly drives you, and where are you going with that?

You know, just light conversation.

(00:00:00) – Intro and Kevin’s defining moment
(00:06:04) – What it takes to be a professional cyclist, and what drove Kevin to pursue it
(00:11:10) – What might be underneath a valiant can’t-quit-won’t-quit attitude, and what’s the difference between pursuit of excellence and addiction?
(00:19:11) – When it comes to the pursuit of excellence, what’s actually rewarding about it?
(00:26:26) – How did the pursuit of excellence filter its way into your parenting?
(00:31:49) – Intentionality versus pursuit, and where the addiction to pursuit might come from
(00:47:35) – Do you think it’s healthy and meaningful for men to pursue some kind of physical excellence?
(00:51:39) – How the self-help industrial complex has shifted over the last few decades
(01:04:45) – Is AI going to help or harm people and the self-help industry?

Kevin is a former pro athlete, respected personal development guide, top-ranking podcast host, published author, and father of nine who has devoted himself to helping people elevate their personal experience and improve the way they show up for others.

Kevin hosts the Self-Helpful podcast, which has over 60 million downloads and is routinely visited by today’s most influential changemakers. His book, What Drives You challenges today’s myths on “driven people” and serves as a guide to clarity and conviction in what you authentically value and what truly motivates you.

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