Talking point: centrism, politics, social media, racism, censorship, AI, China, CRT

Hot on the heels of last week’s chat with Amir Odom, Coleman and I dug into a wide range of topics. We mostly focused on political polarization and where that’s coming from, but also how AI might play into further issues, his definition of critical race theory, and much more.

Listen to this episode if you’ve been curious about any of the above talking points, don’t know where to start, and want a level-headed discussion. Coleman is a smart guy, and (I’d say) mostly center-right in his politics, so this is a good place to begin gaining awareness of the issues.

[00:04:33] – Coleman’s defining moment

[00:10:16] – Do you think we live in a death-phobic culture?

[00:14:50] – When you look at the American political landscape, how do you describe what’s happening?

[00:22:45] – Do you have any hope for the de-polarization of America?

[00:31:55] – What are you most concerned about re: American democracy in 2023?

[00:41:02] – CRT and education

[00:51:50] – Cultural power vs political power

[00:57:34] – On victimhood

[01:05:31] – Can you define a race-blind society?

Coleman Hughes is a writer, podcaster, and opinion columnist who specializes in issues related to race, public policy, and applied ethics. Coleman’s writing has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Quillette, The City Journal, and The Spectator. He has appeared on many TV shows and podcasts, including Real Time with Bill Maher, Making Sense with Sam Harris, and The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast.    

In June 2019, he testified before the U.S. Congress. Born and raised in northern New Jersey, Coleman briefly attended the Juilliard School to study jazz trombone before dropping out to pursue a career as an independent jazz/hip-hop artist. Shortly thereafter, Coleman discovered a passion for applied ethics and public policy at Columbia University, where he graduated with a B.A. in philosophy.

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