Talking points: male isolation and “lostness”, dating, dating apps, relationships, redpill, AI

AJ, John and I covered a lot of ground, my friends. I’ve been following along with their work for a while and was recently on their podcast, The Art of Charm. Check the timestamps to see just how wide the net is!

This is a great episode to listen to if you’re wondering about some of the challenges younger men seem to be facing, what’s shifted for them compared to the GenX and millennial experience, and whether or not there’s hope.

00:03:12.000 – AJ’s defining moment

00:06:14.700 – John’s defining moment

00:12:57.500 – What’s changed for men since AJ and John started?

00:22:10.500 – Male isolation is increasing. Why?

00:40:43.00 – The shifting male archetype

00:47:23.500 – Good relationships with other men is a status signal

00:58:03.000 – Is AI going to impact mating and dating?

01:02:16.500 – What are some key foundations to an intimate relationship?

01:09:24.750 – Is there hope for young men?

AJ and John, through The Art of Charm, provide training and personal coaching for activating your ability to attract the right people, create meaningful relationships, and reach greater levels of success in your life. These programs include the strategies they’ve used over the last 15+ years to put more than 9,100 people into the fast lane.

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