Maintaining intimacy in a relationship is one of the foundational components to a long, connected, and fulfilling relationship.

But how do we check in with our partner and make sure we both feel deeply connected, satisfied, and satiated in our relationship?

So many things can get in the way of our intimacy, so my wife, Vienna Pharaon, and I created a simple way to check in with your partner on a regular basis and see where the relationship stands when it comes to the 7 Pillars of Intimacy.

In this guide, you will rate yourself and your partner for each pillar.

Take into consideration how you are showing up when you rate yourself. Be honest. Are you putting in a half-assed effort? Could you be doing better? Or do you truly feel like you are mostly showing up and leaning in?

What about your partner? Are they leaning in? Doing the work? Going the extra mile? Or are they playing small and avoiding the tough conversations?

Either way, rate yourself and your partner. Share your results without debating or arguing, and then be prepared to discuss what improvement and growth looks like after you’ve both shared your rating!

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