June 2016

26 Jun Confidence, Comparison, and How Your Insecurities Are Bought And Sold

They say comparison steals joy, but it's worse than that. Comparison steals everything you really want to have, be, and find fulfillment in. The biggest trap of consciousness is comparing, judging, and measuring ourselves against the people around us. Another word for this is envy. Envy: a feeling of discontented or...

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19 Jun Letting Go Of The Physicality of Youth

Broken nose. Cracked orbital bone. Snapped tibia. Separated shoulder. Shattered radius and ulna. Concussion. Torn trapezius muscle. L5 discectomy. Facial reconstruction. Too many stitches to count. Lingering nerve damage down the right leg. Chipped tooth and plastic surgery to repair a blown-out lip. No, this is not the retelling of a...

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