Recapping An Incredible Night! – ManTalks Pursuit Of Purpose

Well, we did it again…another epic, inspiring and sold out ManTalks Monday at our new event space at HOOTSUITE HQ!
First off BIG thanks and appreciation to the team at Hootsuite, who opened up their space, helped us set up/take down and stayed off the clock to help make this all happen for our community!
If you missed the evening, read on for a quick recap of the night and if you were there, we’ve highlighted our favourite moments and would love to hear yours.
Connor BeatonManTalks Pursuit Of Purpose kicked off with a wonderful introduction by our founder Connor Beaton.
This month we brought three local speakers to our stage to share their pursuit and journey of discovering and living their purpose.
It was a night filled with expansion, insight and major inspiration from each speaker and a brilliant vibrancy from the community who attended.
Mike MuscariThe first speaker to take our stage on Monday was Mike Muscari.
Our four biggest takeaways from Mike:

  • Without purpose life tends to lack significant meaning.
  • Purpose is something bigger than you that you may or may not accomplish in your lifetime but gets you up and out of bed and causes you to develop a strong willingness to show up for life to the best of your abilities every day.
  • The discovery of purpose is a process of trying-doing-retrying.
  • There are days along the journey that aren’t always easy and every day we have the free will to choose to live in accordance with our purpose or not. Some days we will choose not to live in alignment with our purpose, and that is ok because inevitably the inner compass called purpose will eventually steer us back on course.

Darren JacklinOur second speaker was Darren Jacklin
Our four biggest takeaways from Darren:

  • A key to connecting to your purpose and living on purpose is connecting with the right people who are willing to give you an honest perspective and inspect your life to help you see what is in the way of your potential and purpose emerging.
  • Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis (aka overthinking things and never taking action). Instead take one small action step to get the momentum in motion again.
  • Nothing is ever in your way it is only on your way.
  • There will be days where you don’t know what to do, days that are hard. It is when you have attracted a new problem you are in the process of levelling up. In attracting a bigger problem, you must expand yourself to come up with a new idea for how to figure it out. In facing these challenges, you are forced to step out of what is familiar and out of your comfort zone into the world of the unknown where all things become possible.

Brock TullyOur third speaker of the night was Brock Tully.
Our four biggest takeaways from Brock:

  • Changing our thinking is our access to experiencing the only true goal- being happy, for it is the simplest things that bring us the most joy and fulfillment.
  • It is only when we aren’t happy with ourselves do we put others down, and when we are unhappy with ourselves, we have another option available to us. Instead of picking on others or putting them down we can grow ourselves, we can get in touch with our hearts, we can connect to what is the for the highest good of all involved and act from there.
  • Kindness begins with being kind towards ourselves, being of service to others and connected to the true gift of giving unconditionally.
  • “I would rather be seen for who I am and be alone than accepted for what I’m not and feel alone.” We don’t need to go out and find our purpose, it is something that is a part of us and who we have always been, we just need to remember who we are and be willing to remain connected to our hearts even in the toughest and darkest of times to access this purpose within.

Our final takeaway of the night was an invitation posed to the audience from our founder:

“Go out of your way to say hello to someone you don’t know tomorrow, you never know, you might change their life and your life will forever be changed because of it.”

We want to hear from YOU!
Share your insights, takeaways and breakthroughs with us! Using the hashtag #mantalks on all social media forums will help us find you and keep the inspired conversations going!
We are taking a break for the summer!! We’ll be back in action for August and until then we’ll keep you up to date with all things ManTalks in our weekly newsletter. Thank you for being a part of our growing and thriving community and we look forward to seeing all your familiar faces soon!
Team ManTalks


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