Talking points: middle age, mindset, death, nice guys

I’ve worked with legions of middle-aged men. As of 2023, I’m one of them. It got me wondering why so many of us radically change (or catastrophically implode) our lives in our 40s and 50s. Here’s what I’ve seen, where I think it comes from, and where to begin ensuring it doesn’t happen to you.

(00:00:00) – Intro and why I call it the “middle passage”
(00:02:52) – The biggest reason men go through a midlife “crisis”
(00:06:59) – Pleasing Syndrome, and how to fix it
(00:10:26) – Fear of our own depths
(00:13:29) – The collapse of the illusion that right action leads to right outcome
(00:17:34) – What do you actually do with this info?

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