Dan Mangan is a two-time JUNO Award winning musician and a contributing writer for The guardian and Huffington Post Canada. Dan has recently released a new album entitled Club Meds under the band name Dan Mangan + Blacksmith. Dan talks to the guys on his creation process, being vulnerable, and also gives some advice to young musicians looking to make music for a living. Dan reminds the audience that there will be hard days in the creation process, but you have to trust your gut and ignore the critics.

Key Takeaways:
[1:40] What does Dan do?
[2:20] What’s Dan’s why?
[5:45] Dan talks about his musical style.
[8:35] What does it really mean to be a ‘rock star’?
[12:35] Dan talks on his son being born 7 weeks early.
[17:10] What kind of challenges has Dan faced in the music industry?
[24:10] Starting your own band? Buy a van and hire a publicist.
[24:55] What’s Dan’s creation process?
[34:55] Dan doesn’t always love the creation process.
[35:55] You will have hard days in the creative process.
[40:35] Dan doesn’t want to make the same record twice.
[43:55] You have to trust your gut and ignore the critics.
[54:20] The most impressive people are the ones who can be vulnerable.
[55:20] How has Dan learned to become a leader?
[60:30] How can you lead people without being a bully?
[63:20] What does it mean to be a man today?
[66:30] Life is always complicated.
[67:10] What kind of legacy does Dan want to leave behind?
[69:05] Dan is currently working on an EP.
[70:40] ManTalks will be hosting a one day event in Vancouver on Nov 7th.

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Hector and the Search for Happiness Club Meds by Dan Mangan + Blacksmith.

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J Parlange & Latenite Automatic ( –

“Everybody thinks what they’re doing is going to make life better for their kids.”
“You got to sit alone with your thoughts and be okay with yourself and most of us have to medicate to
make that work.”
“As soon as you feel you’re inside a box, that’s the first step to breaking out of it.” “How can you lead people without being a bully?”