Traver Boehm is a former MMA fighter who also has a Masters degree in Eastern Medicine. After losing a child and losing his wife in a divorce, Traver took on the journey of a lifetime: To live one full year as if it was his last.

In this podcast episode Traver talks about his journey living one full year as if it was his last. From 28 days in darkness, to volunteering at a hospice, to living in the wilderness off of the land, he shares some incredible stories and lessons about life and happiness.

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Some questions Connor asks…

  • Could share a defining moment for you? (3:09)
  • How do we properly address problems in our relationships? (7:37)

  • What are some of the main things you learned when focusing on your fitness? (14:15)
  • Can you share some simple things you learned from Eastern Medicine people could use everyday? (20:36)
  • Can men properly release anger and frustration through fighting? (29:02)

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