There is no quick fix for anxiety, which is why Tim JP Collins is the host of The Anxiety Podcast. He is also a life coach and provides peer support about anxiety using his own personal experiences. He talks to Connor and Roger on the topic of anxiety, how to cope with it, and why it’s such a passionate topic for him.

Key Takeaways:

[1:20] Why did Tim become a life coach?

[9:30] What is anxiety?

[12:00] Can anxiety be ‘cured’?

[16:50] Stress vs. anxiety?

[22:45] Humans have a natural negative bias.

[24:25] How can men handle sexual performance anxiety?

[26:45] What’s Tim’s coaching process like?

[36:10] Everybody struggles with something. You’re not alone.

[40:10] Tim talks about his podcast.

[42:50] What does it mean to be a man today?

[44:40] A man will have the tough and uncomfortable conversations. A boy will not want to talk about it.

[46:00] What’s Tim’s definition of success?

[50:45] 70% of CEOs don’t have MBAs.

[51:10] What kind of legacy would Tim like to leave behind?

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