Talking points: social media, masculinity, culture, the manosphere

You know the type. The conflict-focused, disrespectful bastions of non-matured masculinity. All loudly promising—if only you follow their framework—the secret to making millions and having your own harem.

I get a lot of asks to weigh on this. Specifically, what makes these guys so popular. Here are my thoughts.

(00:00:00) – Intro and what I grew up with
(00:03:39) – The feeling of virility and reckless certainty is understandable, but it has a cost.
(00:07:49) – If I were 19, I’d get the appeal
(00:10:05) – Men with actual status aren’t out there selling you status, and the formula these guys use
(00:14:55) – We need to pull back and ask who we’re actually listening to
(00:17:54) – It’s hard to find real elders; harder to listen

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