Talking points: culture, relationships, systemic issues

66% of young men are single, fewer and fewer men are graduating college, boys are disproportionately punished in school, there are fewer male teachers and therapists than ever, and millions of men aren’t even listed as unemployed because they’re simply not seeking work. Something’s going on.

(00:00:00) – Intro and some stats
(00:04:17) – I’m not going to sit here and blame men OR women
(00:06:30) – Social reasons men check out
(00:09:45) – The definition of a good man is almost entirely up to women 
(00:12:06) – Structurally, men aren’t being incentivized to go into higher education
(00:14:59) – I think that support networks for men and boys are collapsing or are not male friendly
(00:16:57) – Men generally aren’t finding resonance in the therapeutic industry, nor can they find male therapists
(00:19:41) – There’s been a significant decline in the number and diversity of male relationships
(00:22:30) – Where do we go from here?

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