Stephen Mansfield is a bestselling author and a leadership coach. Stephen has written a number of books including The Faith of George W. Bush, Killing Jesus, and Mansfield’s Book Of Manly Men; which has inspired men’s events worldwide. He is currently working on a new book to help accompany Mansfield’s Book Of Manly Men titled Building Your Band of Brothers, and sheds some light on how men can build better relationships with other men.

Key Takeaways:

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[2:15] What was a defining moment for Stephen.

[5:10] What is manhood?

[7:15] What kind of values should a man look for?

[7:55] Take responsibility for your actions.

[9:25] Men in the Western world are mostly walking alone.

[12:20] How can men become more vulnerable amongst each other?

[14:55] Stephen shares a story on how his band of brothers has helped him.

[18:15] How can you build accountability and responsibility within a group?

[23:15] What kind of guys should you surround yourself with?

[26:40] Should you have boundaries with your band of brothers?

[29:10] What other virtues are important aside from responsibility?

[32:15] Stephen talks about his mentors and key influences in his life.

[34:45] Stephen tells us about his new book, Building Your Band of Brothers.

[35:45] Military men often do not have a support system due to their constant traveling.

[39:05] What kind of challenges or pitfalls do men face?

[42:45] What kind of legacy would Stephen like to leave behind?

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