Talking points: relationships, IMAGO therapy, emotional intelligence, social media, attachment theory, conflict, sex, intimacy, artificial intelligence

Deeply grateful to have sat down with Nick last week to chat about all things relationships. Nick is, frankly, one of the best in the biz, and his compassionate yet no-nonsense approach has helped a great many people.

If you’re interested AT ALL in levelling up your intimate relationships, this is an episode to listen to. Strongly recommend you listen alongside your partner—or at least share it with them later.

[00:01:04] – Nick’s defining moment
[00:09:48] – What made you choose IMAGO certification?
[00:12:15] – Where do you see modern relationships breaking down most often?
[00:15:57] – How would you say social media has affect modern relationships?
[00:21:08] – What does it mean when your partner says “I’m not feeling seen”?
[00:25:50] – What other ways can we support our partner in being heard?
[00:28:52] – So what is IMAGO therapy based on? What tools does it deploy?
[00:44:49] – What are some of main challenges couples face in the realm is sex and intimacy?
[00:59:11] – Do you think AI is going to impact the future of intimate relationships?
[01:07:33] – We ultimately want to bump up against each other at a deeper level
[01:10:25] – What’s your definition of a conscious relationship?

Nick Solaczek Certified IMAGO Relationship Coach, working with individuals and couples to boost their emotional intelligence and success in romantic relationships. He emphasizes safe conversation techniques, mindfulness, authenticity, and boundary setting.

Nick is based in Vancouver, Canada, and has coached Hollywood celebrities, CEO’s, secret agents, high-profile lawyers, therapists, doctors, fresh partners and lifelong marriages. He’s also been privileged to assist Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt (founders of IMAGO and authors of the bestseller Getting the Love You Want) in their online training for couples.

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