I do my best to bring on guests who have taken their lived experience and transmuted it into unique expertise and insight. Happy to tell you Nick Carmody has done this in some incredible ways. We cover a ton of ground: brain injury, abuse, overcoming false narratives, the impact of fathers, what kills nuance, and the weird ways masculinity gets tangled and hijacked for political gain. Listen in!

Nick Carmody’s life shifted dramatically in 2010, when he experienced two life-changing traumatic brain injuries only eight months apart. On top of ending a 12-year relationship with a narcissist. The changes in brain function, personality, and emotional processing as well as navigating the divorce and being bled out financially in courts led Nick to rock bottom and near suicide, but also gave him an intense desire to understand and confirm what he was experiencing and became Nick’s motivation to work in the psychology field.

It soon became apparent to Nick that his lived experience—combined with his studied expertise—allowed for unique insight into the modern political climate, and a honed ability to help others who have endured similar trauma. He has a bachelor of arts in criminal justice from Concordia University, a Juris Doctor from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, and a Masters of Science degree from Tiffin University in Ohio. He has a private practice based in Denver, and works with children from low-income families who have experienced trauma (many of whom are currently in foster care).

Nick is in the process of writing Putting My Worst Foot Forward. He writes prolifically on the dangers of Cluster B Personality Disorders in American Politics, and is considering publishing his writings about the psychology of American politics during the Trump era as a collection of essays titled, Trickle Down Pathology. Most recently, he’s gotten attention for a theory on the intersection of addiction and tribalism.


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