During this inspiring, humorous and powerful interview you will discover the secrets on how to have extraordinary relationships regardless of age, circumstances or physical limitations.

In just a few short months, Michael transformed from ‘dying slowly’, being completely shut-down and disconnected to being fully heart open, vulnerable and living life fully. In this episode Michael and his partner Jacqueline talk about their relationship, Michael’s story of his cancer recovery and how anyone and their partner can return to sex and intimacy. 

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Some questions Roger asks…

  • Could share a defining moment for you? (2:30)
  • Michael talks about his cancer diagnosis (5:23)
  • Discussion between the differences of intimacy for men & women (10:12)
  • What is some advice you could give to a listener who is going through their own cancer diagnosis? (20:54)
  • Could you tell us what your book is about? (26:11)
  • Rapid Fire Questions (34:00)

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