Talking points: purpose, archetypes, trauma, perfectionism, abandonment

This week, a shadow work session with an anonymous guest. If you’ve ever wondered what this kind of work is like, now’s your chance to check it out. My guest today has already done some great work and has found drive and purpose, but something has kept him from taking action. As we work to find out what’s going on, we learn about past events that laid a foundation of resistance.
Note: there’s some heavy stuff in here. You’ve been warned. This episode has also been edited for clarity and anonymity.

(00:00:00) – Intro, what brought my guest in today, and the Guardian of the Threshold
(00:07:09) – What’s contributing to the overwhelm, and the guest’s mother
(00:14:30) – Going deeper and connecting with the somatic experience
(00:21:57) – The connection between resistance and two events in the past
(00:34:17) – We don’t always need the full story in order to heal, and homework

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