Jonathan Becker founded Thrive Digital, a company dedicated in user acquisition, lead generation, and more. Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur and has a lot of advice to share for others who are looking to break out and thrive on their own. One piece of advice Jonathan gives to other aspiring entrepreneurs is to quit while you’re ahead and use your newly learned skills to build something even better.

Key Takeaways:

[2:50] What was Jonathan’s defining moment?

[4:45] What does Jonathan currently do?

[6:45] Jonathan offers his best online marketing tip for someone who is trying to break into the marketing industry.

[11:30] SEO is much more difficult today than it was a couple of years ago.

[12:25] Don’t invest massive amounts of money on an unproven idea just yet.

[12:45] Good businesses are doing something exceptional.

[13:45] Jonathan talks about the online porker company he tried to start.

[16:25] Jonathan couldn’t tell his parents about what he was doing.

[19:10] Don’t be afraid to quit while you’re ahead.

[22:50] Jonathan has always wanted to be in business.

[23:40] Thrive Digital is the fourth/fifth company Jonathan has started.

[27:15] What’s the dark side of entrepreneurship?

[30:00] Jonathan loves Uber because they’re disrupting the industry.

[34:25] How can you add value to your team and employees?

[38:40] What does success look like on both an entrepreneurial and personal standpoint?

[40:45] What legacy does Jonathan want to leave?

[41:25] What’s Jonathan most excited about?

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