Giovanni Marsico is a talent scout, social entrepreneur, and connector of superheroes. He is the founder of Archangel, a private membership community filled with mission-driven entrepreneurs who are passionate about philanthropy. Giovanni discusses predictions in the entrepreneurship space for the next 10-15 years, how people can find their own personal superpower, and so much more!

Key Takeaways:

[3:35] What was a defining moment as a man for Giovanni?

[5:45] Giovanni has had many mentors throughout his life. Most recently, Philip McKernan made a big impact on him.

[8:15] What is Giovanni up to right now?

[10:30] What inspired Giovanni to get into social entrepreneurship?

[12:05] As a social entrepreneur, how does Giovanni ‘get over’ or fight criticism of making money for the purposes of giving back? Isn’t that what nonprofits are for?

[13:40] How did Giovanni come up with the idea for Archangel Academy?

[17:55] Does Giovanni believe that social entrepreneur will be the norm in the future?

[20:05] Giovanni believes desk jobs are going to disappear.

[20:50] What advice does Giovanni have to already-established business who are looking to switch to a more social enterprise format?

[22:35] Giovanni replaces the world client with family, because his clients have so much lover for one another.

[23:40] How can people tap into their own superpower?

[25:40] Giovanni literally built his Archangel business model with the X-Men comics in mind.

[28:00] How do you build a thriving community? What do people need to be aware of?

[34:30] What kind of community has Giovanni built?

[40:25] If you want to build a thriving community, understand that it’s not about you. It’s always about creating something much bigger than you.

[40:40] What kind of results or impact would Giovanni like to see when people attend the Archangel event?

[44:00] What legacy would Giovanni like to leave behind?

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