Ari Meisel was diagnosed with an incurable disease called Crohn’s, but that didn’t stop him from overcoming the disease through a combination of yoga, good nutrition, and intense exercise. He now runs the Less Doing, More Living podcast where he helps teach others how to optimize their lives and simply just get more things done. Ari talks about setting artificial limits for yourself, thinking how you can grow your business by ten times, and why you need to remove 70% of what you do every year in order to grow as a person.

Key Takeaways:
[2:45] What does Ari do?
[3:30] Ari shares a bit of his background and who he is.
[4:55] By age 23, Ari was $3 million dollars in debt.
[6:30] Why did Ari get into construction?
[9:45] People sometimes forget about the hands-on education you can get outside of a classroom.
[12:30] What was Ari’s experience at Wharton like?
[13:30] Ari isn’t sure if college is going to be relevant for the younger generation.
[15:22] What are the top three things people can do to become more effective?
[15:55] You need to offload all of your ideas into a good system like Evernote.
[16:15] In order to grow as a person or a company, you need to delegate or remove 70% of what you do
every year.
[17:15] Identify your peak time.
[18:25] Optimize, automate, and outsource your tasks.
[19:25] So many men have what Connor calls the ‘Atlas Complex’.
[20:25] How do you really remove some of the clutter and the stress that’s clogging the brain?
[21:15] Think how you can grow your business by ten times, not by two.
[21:44] Set artificial limits for yourself.
[23:00] Ari only works Monday and Wednesday.
[24:40] What’s Ari’s routine?
[26:25] What inspires Ari?
[27:40] Planning can be difficult when you have young kids.
[30:00] Ari has five things he feels he has to do and as long as he does all of them that day, he considers
his day a success.
[32:15] Men could benefit greatly from talking to a therapist.
[35:45] How did Ari cure his Crohn’s disease?
[38:30] Best advice? No doesn’t mean no.
[39:10] What does it mean to be a man today?
[42:45] How does Ari find such great tools for his audience?
[45:40] Best relationship advice? Sometimes you’re better off just listening.
[48:05] Ari is currently very excited about his coaching and boot camp programs.
[49:20] You can book a free coaching call with one of Ari’s coaches at

Mentioned In his Episode:
The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
The Daily Meditation Podcast by Mary Meckley


“Learn every aspect about your business from top to bottom. Touch it and understand it.”

“70% of CEOs don’t have an MBA.”

“It’s amazing a guy will take his car to a mechanic, but he won’t take his brain to a therapist.”

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