Talking points: purpose, initiation, adversity, grief, culture

It isn’t always easy to find a sense of purpose or meaning in life, never mind feeling initiated into maturity. In these chaotic times, it gets even harder. This is a special compilation episode featuring four masters of finding humanity, clarity, and meaning in life. Their combined efforts have helped legions of people get a better handle on life and all of its twists and turns. Two of them are people I revere as elders, and three work with men and purpose on a regular basis. Featuring ideas from…

-Lion tracker, coach, and storyteller Boyd Varty:
-Depth psychologist Francis Weller:
-Culture activist Stephen Jenkinson (unreleased material!):
-Writer, teacher, and coach Rainier Wylde:
-Purpose guide Tim Corcoran:

(00:00:00) – Boyd Varty on the role initiation plays in a man’s life—and what happens without it
(00:16:20) – Francis Weller on why we need to (but can’t seem to) handle the unknown, failure, and grief
(00:25:45) – Why the soul needs failure to find meaning, and how Francis runs grief workshops
(00:30:35) – Given our current times, what does it mean to be a “generative ancestor”?
(00:33:05) – Stephen Jenkinson on what defines and gives meaning to your humanity
(00:39:47) – Rainier Wylde on how to find a sense of purpose in chaotic times
(00:55:27) – Tim Corcoran on how to practically define purpose, and what’s often in the way
(01:05:29) – Where does the “soul” fit into all of this?

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