Tons of men know how their body changes, adapts, or grows throughout their teenage years and their 20s. Not so many know how the natural aging process affects things in the late 30s and onward into their 50s. Speaking as a new father myself, I’ve got a lot to learn about how to maintain my fitness while being a parent and heading quickly towards 40, which is why I brought back Dr. Anthony Balduzzi. Anthony’s an expert at providing pragmatic, actionable advice for men of all stripes and fitness levels.

We covered building muscle, the effects of fasting, hormonal changes as men age, the effects of stress and working from home, insulin resistance and its effects on our brains, and just how easy it is to become very unhealthy very quickly.

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi is a naturopathic doctor, national champion bodybuilder, and founder of the Fit Father Project and Fit Mother Project – online health and fitness communities aimed at empowering busy parents to get healthy, lose weight, and build muscle through practical nutrition and exercise plans.

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