This week’s guest is Dr. Cory Holly.

Dr. Holly promotes a practical lifestyle philosophy of “Do No Harm and Stay Out of Harms Way”. He integrates fitness and nutrition including dietary supplements as a reliable science and therapy for natural healing and achieving optimum health. But Dr. Holly believes the struggle within is by far the greatest war to overcome. Achieve peace within FIRST is his mandate. Charity begins at home. Home is where your heart is. Optimize personal health first then spend your time and energy trying to save the world.

He’s the author of the Encyclopedia of Sports Nutrition and he’s the founder of the Cory Holly Institute

It our pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Cory Holly.

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Some questions Connor and Roger ask…

  • Could share with our listeners what it is that you do? (2:06)
  • Could you share something that defines who you are? (3:40)

  • Could you explain your concept of “living soft” and “dying hard”? (7:09)

  • What are some things people can do to start living harder? (13:30)

  • How physically active should people be? (22:33)

  • What type of foods do you think people should be eating? Should they eat to their blood type? (28:58)

  • What are some of the mental blockages are peopling facing? (39:04)

  • What do you want your lasting legacy to be? (47:23) 

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