Benjamin Shalva is writer, Rabbi, yoga instructor, meditation teacher & spiritual guide. 

In his latest book, ambition addiction, he dives into how modern culture is designed to drive people to be addicted to ambition. In this episode he breaks down what healthy ambition looks like and how to find a deeper sense of balance while still achieving your desired level of success.

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Some questions Roger & Connor asks…

  • Could share a defining moment for you? (2:00)
  • What is it about ambition that we’re so addicted to right now? (5:39)
  • What are some life factors that play into ambition? (7:49)
  • What are some signs that ambition is becoming a problem in your life? (9:51)
  • What are some steps to living healthy & productive ambition? (23:33)
  • Rapid Fire Questions (33:36)

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