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Adam’s been making waves recently with his no-nonsense yet deeply considerate approach to the insanity that is modern relationships. This convo was centered around Adam’s expertise in attachment theory—aka the way you as a child learn to get safety and love. You can probably guess that it’s kind of a big deal. Dig in, team.

(00:00:00) – Intro and Adam’s defining moment
(00:03:07) – What drew Adam to attachment theory
(00:06:16) – Adam’s definition of attachment, and why it’s important for individuals
(00:10:10) – The signs of secure attachment in men and women 
(00:16:34) – More insight on anxious and avoidant attachment styles
(00:19:42) – Where do Nice Guys fit on the attachment spectrum, and how do they move towards secure attachment?
(00:29:47) – The sad and dysfunctional truth about how some men get out of anxious attachment
(00:36:33) – The mess that is modern dating, seen through the attachment lens
(00:44:19) – MGTOW and avoidant attachment, and “clear pill” 
(00:52:11) – The loss of mature masculinity goes way, way back
(00:59:38) – The contributing factors to mature masculinity 

Adam Lane Smith is a transformative force in the field of personal development and relationships. Leveraging years of professional experience as a licensed psychotherapist, he has honed his craft as a highly sought-after Attachment Specialist and personal coach. From hardworking blue-collar families seeking to mend marital discord, to high-power executives striving for harmony in parenting, to millionaire CEOs navigating the intricate world of dating, Adam’s profound insights and advice have proven invaluable time and again.

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