Talking points: mindset, emotions, habits, burnout

Ever get the feeling you…don’t feel anything? Yeah, me too. This is something that affects just about everyone at some point in their lives, and it contributes to overuse of all kinds of coping mechanisms. Here’s what numbing out is, where it comes from, and a five-step method on how to get out of it.

(00:00:00) – Intro and the biggest misconceptions around numbing out
(00:05:26)- Don’t see numbness as a villain, and some numbness “caveats”
(00:09:29) – What causes us to numb out? How is it a learned response?
(00:14:55) – What we need to know before we stop numbing out
(00:17:22) – The first step: what are you using to numb out?
(00:18:36) – Create a plan, and why you shouldn’t expect cold turkey to go well
(00:21:42) – If you have trauma, there’s a caveat
(00:23:32) – Numbness is itself an experience
(00:25:17) – Use your breath to reconnect to your body. Here’s why
(00:31:03) – Look for sensation
(00:33:45) – Final step: letting the sensations have a voice

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