Talking points: anxiety, relationships

You asked, I answer! The latest Man’s Guide, specifically for folks dating someone with anxious attachment or just general anxiousness. I’ve had a ton of couples come to be asking how to tackle this, so here are the important things to ask yourself, and six points you can work on right away.

(00:00:00) – Intro and one of the most important elements to shifting this dynamic
(00:03:38) – What role in the dynamic are you playing? It can be hard to admit!
(00:06:48) – Signs your partner has a lot of anxiety, and the general impact on you
(00:12:33) – Immense amount of empathy for those with anxiety
(00:15:18) – So what do you do? On responsibility and regulation
(00:21:11) – Don’t personalize the panic, and create some movement
(00:25:01) – Pull them back to the present moment, and one powerful question to ask

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