Can you imagine being in the 6th grade and learning that your mother has been murdered? Fast forward to when you are an adult. Can you imagine not only forging the killer but save his life? Then can you imaging inviting him on stage with you in front of hundreds of people? Today’s guest did all of this and it is a true honour to get a chance to speak with him on the ManTalks Podcast. This week we talk to forgiveness expert Dean Smith who shares with us his journey to forgive, reconcile with and help save the life of the man that murdered his mom and how his story was made into an award-winning, internationally distributed documentary entitled Live to Forgive.

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“The difference between true forgiveness and forgive and forget is I can remember it, but not be shackled to the bitterness of it.”

  Some questions Connor asks:

  • What is Dean’s defining moment as a man? (4:13)
  • Does he still talk to his Mother’s killer? (13:40)
  • What keeps him busy in the world now? (20:08)
  • Why did he become a high performance coach? (22:09)
  • What are some of the things he sees as crossovers in his roles? (24:09)
  • What does he think is one of the biggest misconceptions of forgiveness? (26:34)
  • What does he tell people to move from angry to forgiveness? (31:05)
  • Does angry still effect him? (34:45)
  • What is the legacy that Dean wants to leave in the world? (39:00)

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“I can use the memory of my mother’s murder to help other people.”   


Og Mandino Leadership Institute | Linkedin

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