Man Of The Week – Michael Van Osch

Michael Van Osch is our newest Man Of The Week! Michael coaches men on acquiring dynamic leadership skills and developing fulfilling and lasting relationships and marriages. After twenty years in sports marketing and advertising, Michael opted for a change and trained to become a professional actor, subsequently touring the one-man Broadway show “Defending The Caveman” for four years across North America. A man that wears many hats and possesses many talents, today Michael is an entrepreneur living in Atlanta with his beautiful wife Lisa and also leads the marketing and PR efforts for a local nonprofit organization. Check out the rest of Michael’s humbling and inspiring story as he follows his passion to impact and empower others around him.

Age: 50

What do you do? (Work)
Marketing Executive and I coach motivated, experienced men in leadership and relationships.

Why do you do it?
I do both because I enjoy them and they allow me to make a difference for others while using my talents. Working with men is definitely a calling and something I’ve been involved in for a long time.

How do you make a difference in the world? (Work, business, life, family, self)
My goal is to help other men live the life they’ve always wanted, which means living up to their full potential in all areas. It’s not simply a matter of confidence, it’s learning the right information that most of us either weren’t taught or have moved away from over time and as the world tries to soften us. 
What are 3 defining moments in your life? 1) Moving to the U.S. from Canada in my late twenties. 2) Meeting my incredible wife. 3) Forming a men’s group in Atlanta sixteen years ago that still meets every month.

What is your life purpose?
I believe it’s to help other men. For whatever reason, I’ve been exposed to great men and critical information in my life and it’s my purpose to pass on the learning.

How did you tap into it?
I tapped into this through my own desire to change and grow and to stop making the mistakes that were preventing me from being the man I wanted to be. I hate to settle, so I don’t. I keep on keeping on. I have high standards for my life and it’s a journey of learning and uncovering that I’ll always be on.

Who is your Role-Model or Mentor? I had a great mentor who passed away a few years ago now – he was more than a high school coach, he opened my eyes to the possibilities in the world and to going for it. My dad is also a mentor, who through a fairly strict upbringing taught me to keep my word and do the right thing.  I also have historical figures that I use as role-models in various ways, especially Winston Churchill.
Do you have any daily habits? If so, what are they?
I meditate each morning before I do anything else and I pray each night.

When do you know your work/life balance is off?
The concept of work/life balance is very overplayed and not the goal in my mind. If you’re building the life you want, there will be times when your life will be seriously focused in one area and must be in order to make your goals reality. But it’s our responsibility as men to take care of the other areas as well. Sometimes you may not have the nicest lawn in the neighborhood because you’re focused on a critical time in your business, and that’s okay. You do what you can to not have the worst lawn either but it’s not the priority. I believe we know when something has to change – you feel it and you know if you push to much further without changing that something has got to give. The man who always wants to be in perfect balance will never accomplish anything of note.

Vulnerability is a challenge for most men – share a vulnerable moment from your life with us.
There was a point in my life almost 20 years ago where I became very depressed, unhappy in my work and relationships and frankly burnt out. The spark had definitely gone out and I didn’t know how to relight it.
What did you learn from it?
I learned that nothing is permanent and even your darkest hour will pass if you hang on and keep trying to take that one step forward.  This is when you need to lean on other men that you trust.
If you are or were going to be a mentor for another man, what is one piece of advice you would give him?
I know from experience that many men are like I was – they’ve become a lone wolf in their lives. Most of us had a group of friends in high school and/or college, but once we go out into the world, get married and start families we tend to become a lone wolf without close male friends to rely on, to get advice from and who will hold us accountable. My biggest piece of advice is to look for a small number of men that have your back and you can trust. You’ll have to work at this to create it but the payoff is immeasurable in your career, your marriage and your life trajectory. It could be a men’s group or simply one or two guys, but it has to be intentionally cultivated, it won’t just happen. Connecting with ManTalks is great way to make that happen.

How do you be the best partner (Boyfriend/Husband- past or present)
Couple of key things – my wife and I have a rule that we deal with an issue between us asap, solve it and once solved (and that’s key), then we don’t bring it back up later. When we argue, we always keep it respectful and there is no name calling – if you go there you’re opening a door to future trouble. We know each other’s love language and don’t expect the other to be the same person we are; we place a lot of respect on our differences.

Do you support any Charities or Not-for-profits? (Which one(s) and why?)
I support ChildFund and sponsor a boy in Indonesia as well as All Grace Outreach which helps orphans and widows.

If your life had a theme song, what would it be?
Wow, good question. I’d probably have a theme song for each year as I always have a word or motto for the year that motivates me. This year’s focus is Perseverance. 

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
In 3 years I see helping a lot more men get to where they want to be through coaching and sites like
 and the ‘top-secret’ One Thousand Men Project that is currently in the works. 

What legacy do you want to leave for future generations?
Teaching men how to lead themselves, their families and their communities. John Maxwell says that everything rises and falls on leadership and I believe that. If we all become the men we know we can be, the world will be taken care of.

What One book would you recommend for any Man?
There are so many, but without a doubt I recommend everyone read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. If implemented, those principles alone can set a you free. It’s been said that leaders are readers and that is absolutely true of every leader I know. The bigger they are the more they read. Be discerning but take advantage of the wisdom that is out there. If you’d like to be on my reading list leave me a message at

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