Lowered Testosterone: How to Beat it

Editor’s Note: When your dad was young he probably had higher testosterone than you do (assuming you’re between 18 and 45). We’re the generation that sits on our asses, scrolling through social apps. You’re probably not as active as most men were 50 years ago. When was the last time you threw a hay bale, for example? But by understanding hormones and following the right course, you can beat lowered testosterone. 

What Does the Research Say?

Exercise may be just what men with lowered testosterone need. According to fitness professionals and doctors, there is still a lot of research to be done about the effects of exercise on hormone levels in the body. But regardless of the causes of lowered testosterone levels, one thing is clear; you may benefit greatly from a regular workout routine.
Research has found that, after workouts, the levels of androgen in the body rises significantly. Although these peaks are not for long, for about 20 minutes after workouts, men should be happy with the improvements.
While these bursts of testosterone may seem too short for some people, they are enough to leave you feeling a huge difference. Exercises have other health benefits too, which is a nice bonus..

1.Your Food and Workouts are Linked to Lowered Testosterone

Healthy eating and at least 45 minutes of exercises each day, especially in the morning, will prove to be very useful in fighting lowered testosterone. Even restrictive diets such as the cruise control one, on which you only need to know what you shouldn’t eat, have great benefits for overall health and help you reach your fitness goal.
Have you noticed how Mel Gibson’s physique has improved greatly over the past couple of years? This is as a result of workouts that have boosted his lowered testosterone and helped improve his lean muscle mass.
There is reliable evidence that shows that resistance training triggers an increase in the production of testosterone in the body. Plus, working out promotes weight loss and improved bone density, which are the two most common symptoms of lowered testosterone levels.
Resistance training not only boosts your androgenic hormone levels, but, according to Sylvester Stallone, it also addresses issues like fatigue and low stamina.
Perhaps more reputably, the Journal of Andrology studied 32 men who had low masculine hormone levels and type 2 diabetes. The test subjects were supervised over a 52 week period. During this time, along with testosterone therapy, half the men were involved in a regular workout and diet schedules.
Their androgenic hormone levels improved significantly. Surprisingly, even the half of the men who were only exercising and eating healthy also experienced a hormonal boost.

2. Certain Workouts Are Better Than Others For Reversing Lowered Testosterone

The truth is that all exercises are great and may cause an increase in testosterone. However, some workouts may not trigger the same increase as others.

Weight Lifting

One of the best ways to boost your levels of the hormone is resistance training and weightlifting. When it comes to creating a testosterone boost, weightlifting always trumps cardio workouts. Researchers suggest that this increase is as a result of the muscles that are built during the workouts.

Cardio Workouts

If your lowered testosterone levels have kept you from working out in the past, you may want to begin with cardio exercises. They are critical.
Besides, they promote heart health and increase weight loss. To get the most out of cardio workouts you can combine them with resistance training — either with or without machines.
Strength training after cardio workouts is also a great way to go. By doing this, you’ll both boost testosterone and the keep your heart healthy.

Work with a Trainer

One huge mistake many people make is to assume they can figure out what their bodies need just by listening to it. Well, a man with lowered testosterone levels (and lowered levels of other masculine hormones) feels fatigued and worn out most of the time. If they merely ‘listen to their body’ they would never workout.
At the same time, beginning with workouts that are too intense may end up hurting your muscles, which often stops people from ever wanting to exercise again.
But workouts that are too easy or simple may not trigger your body to produce androgen, and thus end up being useless. A trainer will know what exercises are appropriate and at what time.

3. Most Critical Components to Consider to Stop Lowered Testosterone


Unlike younger men, the level of androgen boost experienced by older men is much lower. This does not mean that older men should not exercise. Workouts help improve their muscle and bone mass and allow them to have better balance in their bodies. Plus it does increase testosterone to the degree possible for them.


One of the easiest ways to ensure that you maintain peak androgen levels is to remain at your recommended BMI. Men who are obese or overweight tend to have low testosterone levels.
Therefore, the easiest way to boost testosterone is to shed excess weight, which you can do by working out and maintaining a balanced diet. You might also notice that the external markers we normally associate with fitness — like a healthy weight — correlate with healthy testosterone.
This is true. A simple rule of thumb: healthy testosterone levels equals healthy body. As one deteriorates the other will, too.

When You Work out

The time you work out will also determine the hormone release. Testosterone levels are usually highest in the morning, so working out during then will boost your testosterone levels throughout the day.
Morning workouts (and increased testosterone levels in the morning) will also lead you to experience a boost in energy levels. This is another that healthy testosterone improves your life.


Not only do workouts give you the testosterone boost you need, but they also make your life easier. However, ensure that you have enough time to rest between workouts and eat healthy.
This will give your body enough time to heal after workouts and ensure that you can vary your exercise. Also, your workouts will be sure to give you the testosterone boost you need.
By keeping a healthy physique and eating a healthy diet you can keep lowered testosterone levels at bay.

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Mike Jones started working out when he was overweight. He saw the benefits, not only on his physique but also on his health.
After years of training, Mike breaths better, doesn’t get tired as often, and his blood tests are at the normal values.
If interested in keeping up with Mike’s work, check his Twitter.

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