October 2015

31 Oct Be Reasonable At Your Own Peril

This morning I got on the bus and couldn’t find a seat, so I ended up standing. Not exactly a pleasant experience, and not only because sitting is more comfortable. Sitting is the only way I can get my laptop open so I can write my daily blog. Being on the...

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Todd Henry

27 Oct Finding your authentic voice with Todd Henry

Episode: 016 Todd Henry of The Accidental Creative talks on how you can achieve personal freedom.   Introduction:   Todd Henry is the host of The Accidental Creative podcast and the author of three books, The Accidental Creative, Die Empty, and Louder Than Words. Todd's mission is to help others discover their authentic voice. Todd...

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15 Oct Man Of The Week – Elliot Costello

From a very young age Elliot Costello's life was influenced by his exposure to marginalized people, as his father was a lawyer and baptist, and his mother was heavily involved in not-for-profits. Being around those less fortunate was something of a norm. Seeing the values of his parents in action...

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08 Oct Man Of The Week – JuVan Langford

Here at ManTalks Man Of The Week, we are constantly looking for Men who are challenging the status quo, pushing the boundaries and sparking conversations that are sensitive, but necessary. This week's Man Of The Week ticks all of those boxes! JuVan Langford is a masterful storyteller, speaker and YouTube...

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01 Oct Man Of The Week – Tyson Moultrie

Tyson is the Co-Owner and Chief Communications Officer at Why Blue Matters; an agency and publication that specialist in strategic branding, marketing innovations, public relations, social media and creative consulting. A Man of many talents, Tyson is also involved with numerous projects and organizations aside from his own. In addition to...

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