Be Reasonable At Your Own Peril

This morning I got on the bus and couldn’t find a seat, so I ended up standing. Not exactly a pleasant experience, and not only because sitting is more comfortable. Sitting is the only way I can get my laptop open so I can write my daily blog.

Being on the bus is a great way to keep me on track. It’s limited to 25-35 minutes and I get to put on my music and write.

But this time there was a good reason why I couldn’t write, a valid reason, one that if I say to anyone of you, you would probably agree that ‘Yes, you’re right, you can’t write in this condition.’ But “Action Hussein” was not having it – I wasn’t OK with not writing.

I became aware of my conflicting thoughts, and how easily I was slipping into not doing anything out of the ordinary. I had a deep urge, natural and familiar, to just stand there and do nothing, other than listening to music. I was disgusted at myself, that after two months of focused self-improvement efforts, I still was not transformed!

Although this intense debate was happening inside of me, I quickly noticed, what was not happening – I wasn’t doing anything at all, and was just lost in my own thoughts about something as silly as standing in a bus.

What would happen if I was faced with a real choice, something that was hard, or more real? I soon got lost in my own thoughts again.

I decided it was time to act. I told myself, ‘I’m going to write my daily blog post no matter what, and for no real reason, other than simply because I can.’

I had my iPhone, so I started writing, er, pecking with an oversized thumb.

Meanwhile in my head I had all the reasons why this was so hard, I was writing with one thumb, I was barely holding on with my other hand, it was uncomfortable, and people were staring… the reasons kept coming… if only I could get off and onto the other bus where there might be seats… I kept on writing though, I wrote the first few lines of this post. [YAY }

A seat soon opened up and I sat down, but I had to have my backpack in my lap. I couldn’t get the laptop out, so I kept on writing on my phone, now with two thumbs.

A seat opened up beside me, and as I placed my backpack on the floor, getting ready to pull out my laptop, a large man sat down next to me, effectively crushing me and thwarting the use of my entire left side.  I managed to wedge my laptop out from beneath his bulk and started writing. It was uncomfortable, and my arm went numb, but I kept on writing, and the result is this post.

I kept my word to myself. I wrote my daily blog. I knew I was unreasonable. I had all the reasons why I couldn’t do it, and I still did. I was crushed, I was uncomfortable, it was hard and weird, and I did it anyway.

Because my promise to myself was worth more than all the reasons in the world.

Where in life are you reasonable, and stuck in your thoughts?



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