I don't believe in Crazy, I only believe in Extraordinary

Countless times in my life someone would tell me ‘You’re crazy! Why on Earth would you think that‘s logical?  Don’t you ever think like a normal person?’

The short answer is NO.

The other day I was talking with my best friend on the phone. (Yes, we actually talk like ’crazy’ people on the good ol’ fashion telephone!)  Anyways, she was describing some ideas she had and how she felt inspired by them. These were very unconventional as far as most would consider. 

She asked, ‘Don’t you think I’m crazy?’

Being ‘crazy’ myself, and encouraging of nothing but that, I immediately said to my friend, ‘What’re you talking about? There’s nothing crazy about it… I only believe in extraordinary!’

Here’s the thing – we are meant to be on this planet for a reason; it’s not like life is just handed to each of us. There’s a purpose and intention behind who we are, and your goal should be to discover the true potential that resides in us all.

Each of us has a gift; you need to discover your own.

There are people in life who are going to beat you down and try to rob you of that gift. Some people simply can’t recognize that you are an individual who thinks outside the box with a fresh clarity that is waiting to be utilized. 

Ever since childhood, I never saw things the way other people did. I had speech delays and was unable to communicate verbally until the age of five. I had to go through speech pathology and specialized preschool programs. I eventually learned speech and language from watching TV shows and hearing adults converse. I didn’t read, and still only read if it’s required.

I was a quiet and introspective child, with huge abstract ideas. I couldn’t connect to others with ‘ordinary’ minds. I immersed myself in alternate realities and social communities that truly felt more vibrant and real than my ’real’ life. The amount of stimulation and creativity that flooded my brain was exactly what I needed.

Eventually, I translated my concepts through abstract art (mixed media and photography) where I was finally able to express my ideas and feelings. The way I verbalized my ideas with my friends made no sense to strangers around me, and I only felt heard and respected by my mother and father, as they knew I’m not ordinary.

Had it not been for my creativity and way of thinking, I wouldn’t be able to achieve the successes I have today.  I used all the doubts and insecurities from others as fuel to drive the desire to prove them wrong and persevere. 

Consider all the different kinds of people out there – the geniuses, the leaders, the innovators – they were all considered odd, eccentric, or simply ‘crazy’ for doing some of the things they do. But they inspire change and make an extraordinary difference in the lives of millions around them.

So, the next time someone calls you crazy, tell them ‘I don’t believe in crazy, I only believe in extraordinary.’

Now go on and fully experience how extraordinary you really are.

IMG_9887Hiiro Sigal Prince

Hiiro is the creator of The True Identity Project + Project Z: (Yoga | Resources for Adolescent Cancer Patients).
He currently offers public Therapeutic/Classical Restorative, Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa classes in the Lower Mainland through YYoga, Chopra Yoga Centre, and YMCA Robert Lee. Hiiro also is completing his SCHWINN Indoor Cycling training to teach Spin and completing level 1 and 2 of his Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training with Shivani Wells in May 2015. In August 2015, Hiiro will be a presenter for the 2015 Yogathon.
Outside of his yoga practice and teaching, Hiiro enjoys his spare time pursuing his passion for photography, creative writing and visual/performing arts, enjoying float sessions, spin classes, guzzling cold-pressed green juices, wearing an awesome pair of Fluevog boots and indulging in reality TV and the occasional childhood video game session. He cares deeply for his community and is always wearing a smile on his face and arms wide-open to give the universe a hug.
Connect with Hirro through his Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn


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